What We Do/FAQs

What we do/FAQs

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Getting Started

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is all of the billions of banner advertisements that you see displayed on all websites, when browsing on your computer, tablet, or phone.

What does Adacado do?

Adacado is a do-it-yourself platform that allows you to quickly, easily, and inexpensively build static or dynamic display advertisements and run them across the web.

How do I use Adacado?

It’s as easy as creating an account and naming your first campaign. After that, you can select a pre-built template and customize your advertisements as you like.

How much does it cost to use Adacado?

  1. That depends on…
    1. You want Adacado to do it all (build ads and buy media).
      1. You pay Adacado for the ads (impressions) you run on a CPM rate (cost per thousand impressions). This CPM rate will include the media and your creative costs. You will also pay a nominal fee for processing product updates, if you are using product feeds. You can further control your ad spend by choosing to run ads only on specific days of the week.
    2. You want Adacado to do everything except buy media (you have that already).
      1. You pay Adacado for the ads (impressions) you run on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions), which ranges from $0.95 to $0.22, based on an Advertiser’s monthly volume. There is also a nominal fee for processing product updates, if you are using product feeds.
    3. In both cases you only pay for what you run. (see Pricing for details.)

How do I pay for Adacado?

You enter your credit card and Adacado will automatically bill you. Amounts billed are easily verified with our real time invoice dashboard.

How long do I have to wait to see results through my ad campaigns?

  1. Great question! The simple answer is: within days. But the real question is how long until I can see relevant and actionable results? For every campaign this is different. But generally you want enough ads served so you can measure performance against what is called a statistically relevant sample. Sounds complicated but it’s not; it’s just common sense.
    1. Some tips on how to think about this:
      1. Set a reasonable budget – spread it over weeks/ months if it makes sense.
      2. What’s my goal/ measurement; traffic or sales (if sales, by product, or overall).
      3. You will generally need 100+ clicks before you can expect to see anything.
      4. Lastly, measure your clicks over consecutive periods of time, as display ads are powerful reinforcement ads, which improve performance with more views. 

How long should I plan to run my campaign?

  1. Like Google Ads (formerly AdWords), once you find a display advertisement that works (delivers expected results), then you should run it forever; adjusting offers, refreshing creative, managing budgets, etc.
  2. If it’s making money, why would you turn it off?

How can I get the best results through Adacado?

Start simple, create a static ad and target very broadly. Once you can see enough data/ results, begin your advertising journey and refine anything, even everything as desired.

Can I stop a campaign at any time?

For sure. Just turn it off, with Adacado you only pay for what you use.

Ad Creatives

What is an ad creative?

An ad creative is an ad that is served to users on a webpage or app. Ad creatives can include images, GIFs and audio. Essentially an ad creative is the end result of an ad.

What size/formats are the ads?

Ad sizes vary depending on where your ads are being distributed. There are specific sizes for desktop (ie. 300×250) and mobile (ie. 300×50). You can build static or dynamic ads – static being an unchanged ad, and dynamic being an ad that displays changing information based on user behavior.

How do I build an ad?

In Adacado, it’s simple. Simply choose a pre built template from the template library, and upload your images, CTA and headline. You also have the option to build your own from scratch.

Can I preview my ads before publishing them?

Yes. Adacado automatically generates a custom preview link so you and your teammates/clients can preview your ads in real-time.

What type of ads can I run?

Display ads – static or dynamic (product based ads). Refer to our support doc to learn more about static vs dynamic ads.

Can I advertise multiple products in an ad?

That’s what dynamic ads are all about. Instead of having to build individual ads for every product you have, dynamic ads will take a list of product information (aka a ‘data feed’) and automatically show different content in the ad, depending on how you set up your campaign.

How do I upload my product data/what is the file format?

You can upload your product feed in Adacado’s ‘Product Data’ settings. The file formats include: HTTP/HTTPS (e.g. a simple Google Sheet), or via FTP. Learn more about uploading your data feeds here.

What is the easiest way to create a product data feed?

Through Google Sheets. Learn how to create a basic data feed here.

Media Buy

What does the term ‘media buy’ mean?

As the expression goes, ‘location, location, location!’ All advertising consists of the content (what you see) and the media (where the content is seen). Buying media is simply purchasing the space for your content to be seen.

Can I run my ads through Adacado?

Yes! We’ve simplified the media buying process so you don’t need to worry about DSPs, or hiring a media buyer. Adacado handles it all.

Where will my ads be seen?

You choose! Select specific categories of websites and audience demographics to define where your ads will run, and who will see them.

How much does it cost to run media?

Decide how many ads you want to run each day and you’ll see the estimated cost. We may charge less (based on the buy), but we will never charge more.

Which DSPs are Adacado compatible with?

Our most popular DSP’s are: Centro (Basis), Xandr, The Trade Desk, and Google, however you can choose to customize your adtags to work with any DSP.