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QuickImage© is the newest Adacado advertising invention to make high volume advertiser and campaign management even faster.

You are running brand ads for many merchants/dealers (5+). The brand sends you a new promotion. Using QuickImage© your ads are modified instantly and you control the quality and timing of the announcement (i.e. BMW Co-op ads).

QuickImage© is the quickest way to do scheduled mass ad updates with new brand offers, while maintaining the brand style guidelines and merchant/dealer CTA information.

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How it works

  • Set up your ad solution to work with QuickImage©.
  • Input your image URL for quick image upload, at your specified download frequency (daily, weekly or monthly).
  • Ads are automatically updated with new images without any manual work.
  • QuickImage© streamlines your ad management workflow to ensure your campaigns always have the most up to date promotion.

Customer Use Case

An agency managing 150 auto dealers was spending 100’s of hours updating 150 ads every time their OEM’s (i.e. BMW) came out with their new quarterly promotion.

Without QuickImage©

A very manual process to set-up or adjust 150 advertiser campaigns


  • 2 hours per advertiser X 150 advertisers = 300 hours

With QuickImage©


  • Initial solution + 1st advertiser set-up = ½ hour
  • 149 additional advertisers X 2 minutes = 5 hours
  • Bulk upload ad tags = ½ hour
  • DSP adops set-up – 22 minutes/ advertiser X 150 = 55 hours
  • Total time savings with QuickImage = 300 hours (without QuickImage) – 61 hours (with QuickImage) = 300 – 61 = 239 hours saved

* Additional OEM offers will take 2 minutes to set-up instead of 300 hours.

New work flow with Adacado QuickImage©

1. Select your initial Adacado Solution & 1st Advertiser/ Campaign, with QuickImage©.

2. Quickly replicate (minutes) a new Advertiser/ Campaign for each dealer.

3. Provide ad tags for each Advertiser/ Campaign to your DSP.
– Never do steps 1 – 3 again.

4. Receive new brand promotion ~ ads are automatically updated.
– Enjoy the benefits of Adacado QuickImage© for every Brand offer update in the future.

Adacado QuickImage© can be used in any creative and within any Adacado vertical

A few Ideas for you


Auto/ Retail / Real Estate / Hotel

  • Product Promotions: With QuickImage© your ads will always display the most current offers, creating a sense of urgency and driving customer engagement.
  • Seasonal Campaigns: Update the visuals in your ads with ease to reflect the current season, creating a fresh and relevant advertising experience for your audience.


  • Event or Service Promotions: Use QuickImage© to highlight your latest offerings or promotions, and effectively capture the attention of potential clients and drive bookings or inquiries.
  • Seasonal Campaigns and Special Events: Tailor your ads to specific seasons or upcoming events (i.e. travel agencies can showcase destination images based on popular travel seasons).
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