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DIY Advertising Manifesto

The DIY Advertising Manifesto

Our manifesto serves as a compass for our own product development, as well as a guide for anyone who uses our products. Adacado is the leader in DIY advertising, and this manifesto explores what that means.

Core beliefs

Launching live campaigns instead of delaying in the search of creative perfection.
Individual control instead of multi-party involvement.
Rapid data-driven iterations instead of prolonged testing periods.
Affordability and accessibility instead of elaborate, enterprise-grade solutions.

Principles of the DIY Advertising Manifesto

  1. Our highest priority is to save time and money through the simplification of online advertising.
  2. Marketing experience and expertise is not required to advertise effectively.
  3. Advertising should be affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes.
  4. A business owner is able to market their business better than an external vendor/agency – due to their knowledge of and proximity to the business.
  5. Being seen is better than being perfect. That is to say, a good campaign that runs will always outperform a near-perfect campaign that never launches.
  6. All metrics are improved when budget is used to purchase more media, instead of on workflow, processes, and multiple vendors.
  7. Great design is critical, except when design processes interfere with a campaign’s ability to run.
  8. It is better to gather data from one source consistently, than from multiple disparate sources.
  9. Data should be leveraged at regular intervals to improve a campaign’s performance.
  10. The strategic planning, deployment, testing, and updating of a campaign’s Creative is the single most vital element of a successful advertising campaign.

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