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Creative Editor

Creative Editor

Build your own ads from scratch. Personalize them with branding elements such as your logo, images and company color scheme. Schedule your ads to run at any time.

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Add template

Create ads from scratch, select from a previously used template or view more template options in the Adacado Template Library. Or, if you’ve already designed an html ad template, you can use the upload option to upload a zipped html template with all its assets.

Basic elements

Widgets are the individual elements that make up the content of your ad. Here you can add text, images, icons, videos and so on.

Schedule themes

Want to run your ads at a future date or right away? No problem. Schedule your ads to run whenever and for any duration.

Data placeholders (dynamic ads)

If you’re a business that sells products, you’re likely running dynamic ads. In that case, data placeholders are widgets that enable you to create dynamic product ads with the product data you provided Adacado from your Data Feed.

Design options

Want to make your ad extra fun? Add a social media icon to let users know you’re on different social channels. Use different patterns to make your ads pop.

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