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The Adacado Story

The Adacado


The leader in DIY Advertising

Disrupting the advertising world day by day, Adacado has grown to take on the market leaders and provide the only DIY advertising solution for brands, SMB’s and agencies. We take pride in our customers and with that, our goal is to provide a simple solution to make advertising easier and accessible for everyone.

Our mission

To make advertising simple and easy for everyone.

Our promise

To deliver increasing advertising results, by continuously improving Adacado’s capabilities, without compromising ease of use.

Our spirit

Creative minds, innovative ideas, with passion and energetic execution.

Our vibe

Many disciplines, different teams, but always one. Work together, learn together, succeed together, but above all never quit trying together. We are people first and enjoy what we do.

“After looking at several vendors, we chose Adacado because their platform provides us with control, savings, and efficiency”

~ Flore Beauvais

Drako Media Group

Our culture

We are people driven

People first – always. Whether that’s customers, employees or our mascot Addy. The power lies within the people.

We are innovative

Thinking outside the box is our forte. We change and evolve through innovation.

We are a team

Collaboration is key. We work together to drive the best results of our product.

We do simple better

It’s simple. We do it better through simplicity.

How we got here