*Press Release* Adacado Taps Dispatch to Offer In-Ad Checkout for Shopify Merchants



DIY Series

Adacado is a trailblazer for Advertising. It is fully DIY and puts the creativity, control and opportunity in the hands of the advertiser (Brand or Agency). Agencies and Brands are slow in adopting DIY advertising, in spite of it being inevitable. Our DIY series is a great read for anyone with any sort of trepidation towards doing things themself. Please enjoy.


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Promotional Advertising

Check out some tips and tricks related to seasonal advertising, and how to best optimize your marketing campaigns!

Social Advertising

Adacado makes managing and running your social ads a seamless experience. With our Facebook media option, we have simplified all possible setups from Facebook and organized them in an easy-to-use, accessible way – so you can get your Facebook ads live in minutes. Stay tuned for more social channels in the future!

Adacado Platform

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Ad Tech

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