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As part of our mission to simplify display advertising, we want to ensure that you know exactly what you are paying, and why you are paying it. This guide will help you to understand your invoice.

Billing is calculated per Advertiser on monthly usage (daily records are prorated).

Billing records are updated daily and are displayed in the Billing Overview page. Navigate to the Billing Overview page by clicking your “Balance” in the header.


How to Read Your Invoice

Breakdown of Usage Fees

How to Read Your Invoice

  1. Billing account information
  2. Month-to-date balance
  3. Archive of all previous invoices
  4. Adacado Billing/Contact information
  5. Daily cost for each billable date for each advertiser (See more details)
  6. Expand/collapse icon for Advertiser Details
  1. Daily cost for each billable date and month-to-date totals for your account
  2. Expand/collapse icon for All Transactions
  3. Final totals, discounts and taxes for all advertisers in your account
  4. Print your invoice
  5. Live chat

Breakdown of Usage Fees

Media Purchased

Media Purchased only applies to advertisers who are using Adacado’s media buy option to traffic their ads. If you are working with an external DSP, you will not incur any fees for Media Purchased.

Media Purchased fees are calculated on an Impression Count x CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) basis. Due to the nature of Display Advertising, Media fees are based on auction prices, and will therefore always vary. When choosing your media buy settings, you will see a daily estimated cost for the impressions. The accuracy of this estimate will vary due to variables in auction prices and available inventory. 

Media Purchased fees are only incurred on days when media is being purchased, with the campaign turned On.

Ads Served

Ads Served applies to all users who are running live campaigns through Adacado, regardless of where you choose to purchase media. Once a campaign is turned off, Ads Served fees will cease.

CPM fees are calculated on a discounted tiered price scale, based on monthly usage, as follows:

 i.e. 150,000 ad impressions served in May – (100,000/1000 X $0.99) + (50,000/1000 X $0.86) = $142


Products are the custom pieces of information you display in your ads, typically associated with Dynamic ads. Users who are only running static ads without products will not incur product costs. Users who have loaded products into Adacado by any means (data feed, etc.) will incur daily costs for those products regardless of whether or not they are currently running impressions. 

The number of products is based on the total amount of products uploaded into Adacado, regardless of how often/how many times product data is refreshed. Once an Advertiser has been disabled, and product data deleted, Product fees will cease. 

Product fees are calculated on discounted tiered price scale, based on monthly usage, as follows:

i.e. 1500 products in May – (1000 X $0.15) + (500 X $0.075) = $187.50

NOTE: Product cost is free if you have no more than 5 products in your data feed, or if you process products for up to 5 products in your feed. If your feed has more than 5 products and you set your product processing limit to more than 5 products or all products, you incur product costs based on the total number of products processed from your feed.