Static vs Dynamic Ads

Using Adacado Campaign Solutions

Other Ways to Create Static Ad Campaigns

Static vs Dynamic Ads

There are two types of ads you can create with Adacado: static or dynamic. Dynamic ads use product data from an inventory data feed, while static ads don’t. 

Static ads display the same information every time they are viewed and can be made much simpler. They are a great way to advertise a brand, single product, or service.  

Dynamic ads allow you to advertise products or services, dynamically changing the products shown to viewers. Learn more about how to build dynamic ad campaigns.

In this article, you will learn how to create static ad campaigns quickly and easily.

Using Adacado Campaign Solutions

The easiest and fastest way to create static campaigns is to use Adacado Campaign Solutions. 

You can create a static ad campaign in less than 10 minutes by following the steps below.

  1. Filter the campaign solutions by selecting “Static Ads” for the Ad Type in the Campaign Solutions Library and choose one.
  2. Review and adjust your solution settings.
  3. Add your logo and edit template placeholder images or text as needed.
  4. Preview your ad.
  5. If you wish to purchase media through Adacado, review the “Web Ads” media channel configurations and adjust as needed.
  6. Enter your billing information.
  7. Turn on your media channel. If you want to run ads through a 3rd-party DSP, you don’t need to turn on any media channels; just download the Adacado ad tags.

Watch a tutorial video or click here to learn more about Campaign Solutions.

Other Ways to Create Static Ad Campaigns

If you cannot find the solution you’re looking for, there are other ways to create static campaigns without using pre-built campaign solutions. First, let’s start by choosing a template for designing your ad. 

Use Adacado’s Pre-Built Templates

The Adacado Template Library provides pre-built ad templates by ad format and creative type for different business types such as retail, auto, real estate, and hotel/travel. The templates displayed in the library depend on the business type selected when creating the advertiser.

Click the “No thanks, I want to create a new blank campaign” text link in the lower right corner of the Campaign Solutions Library to open the “Select a template to use” page where you can view the Adacado Template Library. 

You can also access the template library by clicking the “+” or clock icon in the navigation bar on the left of the creative editor. All templates in the template library can be used for static ads, and dynamic templates can be used for static ads as long as there is no data feed added to the advertiser or campaign.

Create Your Own Templates

Instead of using a pre-made template, you can create your own using the creative editor. The templates you create are private templates available only to you and are automatically saved to “My Templates”.

Use Previously Used Templates

When you select and use a template in a campaign, copies of all used templates are automatically saved to “Previously Used Templates”. These templates can be used in campaigns for all advertisers of the same business type.  

Customize Ads

After selecting a template for your campaign, add your logo, customize the template’s placeholder image and text if necessary, and use the “Apply to All” option to apply the changes to all ad formats at once.

Here is an example of fully customized static ads using the above “Debut” static template.

Add Multiple Ad Creatives

You can use multiple ad creatives in your campaign. Here are two key ways you can use this feature:

  • Scheduling:  Each creative can be assigned a start and end date, allowing you to pre-schedule automated creative updates.
  • Testing:  By having multiple creatives active simultaneously, the Adacado system will alternate between creatives, providing an easy way to test and measure different creative variations or messaging.

Click the clock icon in the left bar of the “CREATIVE” page to open the “Schedule” panel to add, remove or schedule creatives.

Preview Your Ads

After creating your ads, you can preview them on the “CREATIVE” page by clicking the green play button next to the individual templates. You can also preview all ad sizes by clicking the “PREVIEW” tab in the footer to open a shareable preview page. The preview page becomes active only after entering your billing information.

Configuring and Activating Media Channels

Once your creative review is complete and your ads are ready to run, configure your media channels. You can use Adacado to purchase media for your display ad campaigns or run Facebook ads, or use Adacdo ad tags to run ads through 3rd-Party DSPs. To enable ad serving, you must first enter your billing information. Learn more about Adacado’s ad delivery options.

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at