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Once you have created your ad, the next step is to select a media channel and configure its settings to define how the ad is delivered. Media channels are a platform where you can post your ads, and Adacado offers various media channels to choose from.


Access Your Ad Delivery Settings

How To Set Up Media Buy Through Adacado

Run Web Ads

Campaign Objective

Who We're Targeting

When Ads Run

Where We're Targeting

What To Target

Enter Your Payment Information

Turn On Your Media Channel

Using Ad Tags With Your Publisher/DSP

Access Your Ad Delivery Settings

To set up your media channels, access your campaign’s “Ad Delivery Settings” and customize settings for individual media channels. 

Open “Ad Delivery Settings” by clicking “Serve My Ads” or the schedule tab in the campaign view footer or by clicking “Serve My Ads” in the campaign dropdown.

You can also access settings from the campaign list page by clicking the status button or schedule.

On the “Ad Delivery Settings” page, you have the option to buy media through Adacado or publisher/DSP and you can choose one or multiple media channels.

Media Channel Status

The media channel status toggle switch displays different status depending on the media buy schedule.

INACTIVE (The Default Status)
Media Channel: OFF
Media Buy and Ad Serving: Inactive

In this state, the media channel is turned off, media buy is inactive and no ads are served on the media channel. If you want to pause your campaign for creative updates, you can temporarily stop buying media and serving ads by turning off the media channel by switching the status to “INACTIVE”.

Media Channel: ON
Media Buy and Ad Serving: Active

Media buy and ad serving will begin immediately after creative approval on various Ad Exchanges is complete and will not expire unless you either schedule an end date or turn off the media channel by switching the status to “INACTIVE”. To immediately stop buying media and running ads, you must turn off the media channel.

Media Channel: ON
Media Buy and Ad Serving: Inactive until the scheduled start date

Media buy and ad serving will be active during the scheduled period. When the scheduled start date begins, the status changes to “ACTIVE”.

Media Channel: ON
Media Buy and Ad Serving: Inactive

Media buy and ad serving completed on schedule. In this state, media buy and ad serving are inactive because the end date has passed. You can reactivate media buy and ad serving by scheduling a new end date or setting the end date to “Never Expires”.

How To Set Up Media Buying Through Adacado

The easiest way to set up your media buy is to use Adacado as your media channel. This allows you to easily set the number of ads you want to show to your target audience on a given day. If you are using an external publisher/DSP, click here to find more information on how to download ad tags for your campaign.

Run Web Ads

The “Run Web Ads” channel allows you to purchase media through Adacado and place ads on various websites. Click the “CUSTOMIZE” button to the right of this channel and open the settings page.

Configure media buy settings for buying media through Adacado.

Campaign Objective

Click “Campaign Objectives” and choose the campaign target that best fits your campaign goals. Before clicking the “OK” button to save your settings, read the “Objectives Summary” to learn more about how each campaign target works.

Who We’re Targeting

Click “Who We’re Targeting” and set audience targets that best fit your campaign goals. By default, Adacado will target as wide an audience as possible, and you can narrow audience targets by age, genders, interests, employment, life events and languages.

When Ads Run

Click “When Ads Run” and set your media buy schedule and budget. 

By default, when you turn on the “Run Web Ads”, media buy will begin immediately after creative approval on various Ad Exchanges, and the end date will be set to “Never Expires”, and Adacado will serve 3,000 impressions daily from 6am to 10pm.


If you want to enable media buying for a specific time period, you can schedule a date range by selecting the start and end dates from the calendar. The status of the media channel must be “ACTIVE” on the “Ad Delivery Settings” page for the schedule to take effect. When the status of the media channel is “ACTIVE“, the “SERVE MY ADS” tab in the campaign footer will turn “ON” and the schedule tab next to it will show the scheduled start and end dates of the media channel.

If you have multiple media channels active in your campaign, you can view the earliest start date and latest end date of all active media channels in the schedule tab of the campaign footer or campaign list page.


You can adjust daily spend limits and impressions as desired, as well as your daily schedule by clicking (and dragging) to toggle ad serving for any given hour.

These settings are where you define how many impressions to be served each day and the costs associated with the settings you’ve chosen. If you want to show more or less impressions per day or change the days and times when ads are shown to viewers, you can adjust settings here. 

Estimated daily and weekly total costs are updated automatically as you change the number of impressions, and the times set here are in the same time zone as your advertiser settings.

The lowest possible number of ads you can purchase per day is 500, the daily spend shown here is an estimate and may vary based on a few factors. Actual charges may be less than indicated, depending on the supply of ad inventory available on a given day. 

Please note that there are also costs associated with the processing of product data, so for example, in the scenario where you are running a very large product feed, your actual billed amount may exceed the estimates shown on this screen. Click here to learn more about how our pricing works.

Where We’re Targeting

Click “Where We’re Targeting” and set the location target where you want your ads to appear (e.g. country and state/province/region).

If you are selling cars in Seattle, then you probably don’t want to spend your media budget serving ads to viewers in New York. The physical location settings let you define where you want the viewers of your ads to be. 

What To Target

Click “What to Target” and set device targeting as desired. By default all devices, operating systems, and browsers will be targeted unless you choose to narrow them down. 

Enter Your Payment Information

After you’ve configured your media buy, you need to enter your payment information to activate your media channels to buy media and serve ads. 

In the top right corner of the platform header, click on your account’s username and then click on “Account & Payment Info”.

Click on “Billing” in the left navigation bar and enter your credit card information and billing address.

Turn on Your Media Channel

After entering your payment information, turn on the switch under the “Turn it On” text on the configuration page of the “Run Web Ads” to start buying media and serving ads through Adacado.

Now you are all set! When your media channel’s status is set to “ACTIVE” or “SCHEDULED”, ads will begin serving viewers immediately or on schedule.

Using Adtags With Your Publisher/DSP

Use an alternate DSP (get Ad Tags)

If you are using your own media buying service and only use Adacado for ad creation, you can download ad tags from the “Ad Delivery Settings” page. Click here to learn more about how to download the ad tags.

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at