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Create Your Feed

Sharing Settings to Make Google Sheet Data Feed Visible to Adacado

Connecting Sheets with Multiple Tabs (Advanced)

Create Your Feed

If you already have your Google Sheet set up you can jump to the next section which describes the necessary settings. When you’re all done here, check out our guide on connecting your data feed in the Adacado product settings.

Copy the Data Feed Template

Open this link. Google will prompt you to sign in if you’re not already, and allow you to copy the template to your account.

Add Your Data to the Feed

Fill each row with data from a single product, vehicle, or service, replacing the template data with your own. Add a row for each product you want to advertise in your ads.

You can adjust the structure based on what data you want to use in your ads.

  • Add columns to include information such as sale price or category. 
  • Remove columns for data you don’t want to use in your ads, or simply leave those fields blank. 

If you want to show dynamic images in your ads, you will need to add a direct image link for each product in your feed. You may be able to get these URLs directly from your website, look for a link which ends in “.jpg” or “.png”, like this: “”. Other options would be using an FTP, image CDN, or another image hosting service.

Note: Product Link is a required field. If URLs are not unique then you will need to include a Product ID for each product as well.

Sharing Settings to Make Google Sheet Data Feed Visible to Adacado

You need to make sure your feed can be accessed by the system. To do this we will ensure the sheet is visible.

Click the green Share button on the top right of the Google Sheets screen. Click the text that says “Get shareable link”.

Make sure that the text reads “Anyone with the link can view”. Adacado will only be able to use the feed if it’s shared like this.

If you are using an individual Google account this should be the default behavior after getting the shareable link. 

If your Google account is connected with others at your organization, you may also have to  change the sharing settings from being shared only within your organization, to being shared with anyone with the link click the text that says “More…” then select “On – Anyone with the link”.

Connecting Sheets with Multiple Tabs (Advanced)

Sometimes users will want to use a specific tab of a Google Sheet as their product feed. This method requires some manual manipulation of the URL entered in the data feed product settings. Whenever possible we recommend to use separate sheets rather than tabs.

The URL and Tab GID

Copy the sheet’s URL and enter it into the data feed location field after selecting the HTTP/HTTPs protocol setting.

At the end of the URL string you should see some text that says “gid=” and then some number. Copy that number, you will need it for the next step.

Press “Fetch Sample”.

After fetching the sample, the end of the URL will have been converted to include the text “export?format=csv” at the end of the URL.

You are going to edit the text by adding  “&gid=”  to the end of the string and then the paste number you copied from the original URL. 

The result should look something like this:

Click “Fetch Sample” again and the items in that tab should be previewed below. Continue with the rest of the setup process to add the products 

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at