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When you first create your account, you will be prompted to set up your first advertiser. An advertiser in Adacado defines a business for which you want to advertise. To create an ad campaign, you must first create an advertiser. You can use Adacado with only one advertiser and if you are creating ads for several different businesses, you can create multiple advertisers in your account.

After you create your first advertiser, you will automatically be taken to the “CREATIVE” page of the pre-built campaign for the advertiser you just created. Start creating your ads by editing the ad templates provided on this page.

Adding New Advertisers

To add a new advertiser to your account, you can either add it from the Advertiser drop-down menu in the campaign header or from the Advertiser list page.

Advertiser Drop-down Menu

  1. Click the list icon next to the advertiser’s name.
  2. Click “NEW ADVERTISER” in the advertiser drop-down menu.

Advertiser List Page

Click the “NEW ADVERTISER” button in the upper right corner of the Advertiser list page.

Entering Your Advertiser Information

Once you click the “NEW ADVERTISER” button in the advertiser drop-down menu or the Advertiser list page, enter your advertiser information in the “Create a New Advertiser” pop-up window. When done, click the save button.

Advertiser Details

Advertiser Name
An Advertiser is a merchant/seller/brand or entity whose ad campaigns are based on the same website and business type. If you are an agency, this will likely be the client you are working with. If you are your own brand/company, this is your brand name. The Advertiser name you enter here will be used on your invoices and performance reports.

Website URL

The user-facing website of the advertiser. This URL will be used as the destination page URL for your ad when you click on the ad if no data feed has been added to Adacado and no product data is used in your ad. 

You can edit the Advertiser URL by clicking “Edit Advertiser” in the Adacado drop-down menu and by accessing the Advertiser Settings.

Click here to learn more about how to edit your ad’s destination URL.

What business are you in?
The industry of the advertiser. This is an important distinction as each business type allows for different ad creative and behavior.

Example: A business that sells bumper stickers for cars should choose the retail business type because they are selling products online, instead of choosing the auto business type which is better suited for automotive dealerships.

Restricted product check for Retail
If you select “Retail” as your business type, you’ll be asked to check whether your product/service is an ad-restricted product/service. If your product/service does not apply to any of the listed product categories, select “None of the options below” and if your product/service applies to one of the listed restricted product categories, check that product category name. Otherwise, the ad may be rejected by the publisher/DSP.

If you select one of the restricted product categories from the list, create an ad, and turn on a media channel, your media buy will proceed to the websites where your product/service ad can be posted.

IMPORTANT: This rule doesn’t apply if you are using an external media solution by downloading a creative ad tag from Adacado, and you should check the creative policy for restricted products of your media solution.

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at