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Press Release – Adacado X Dispatch


Adacado Taps Dispatch to Offer In-Ad Checkout for Shopify Merchants

Dispatch’s distributed commerce technology makes Adacado’s dynamic ads shoppable, enabling easier, faster conversion

Vancouver, BC, Canada – November 7, 2023Adacado Technologies Inc. today announced its integration of Dispatch, a distributed commerce tool offering in-ad checkout capabilities, into Adacado Ads, its custom ad creation and distribution platform.

By integrating Dispatch into its tech stack, Adacado allows Shopify merchants to upload their products into Adacado and run dynamic, shoppable ads through Adacado or elsewhere. Shoppable ads – which include a “buy now” button that offers seamless in-ad checkout – are designed to streamline inefficient purchase paths and reduce cart abandonment.

Adacado’s do-it-yourself Ad Builder platform for static or dynamic display ads is trusted by name brands such as Salomon, Mary Kay, Vince, Fjallraven and Blundstone worldwide. With its ethos of DIY efficiency, Adacado is committed to finding new solutions that customers can use to quickly create new campaigns that drive their businesses. Dispatch fits seamlessly into this ecosystem with connectors that enable straightforward integration in shopping platforms without the need to overhaul infrastructure, workflow, or payment provider. The app’s automation further enhances Adacado’s flexibility by eliminating the hassle involved in keeping product catalogs and inventory levels updated in real-time with Adacado Ads, now offering a consistent in-ad checkout experience where customers can buy across many touchpoints.

“Given that 73% of global shoppers find a brand’s shopping experience to be a key part of their loyalty, our goal is to make sure merchants can affordably expand their customer base by providing the most seamless interactions possible,” said Michael Brown, CEO & President, Adacado. “We’re excited to work with Dispatch to harness their tech capabilities and ultimately break down traditional digital ad grind so merchants can more effectively capture customers at the moment of intent.”

Dispatch works behind the scenes to provide turnkey solutions and custom development options for retailers to remove friction and reduce the time and steps needed to go from browsing to conversion. By linking Dispatch and Adacado, Shopify merchants can converge advertising and commerce by offering a checkout anywhere people are without interrupting their ongoing activities.

Dispatch CEO Byron Sorrells commented, “Merchants understand modern consumers’ mindset of wanting new items instantly. Adacado’s integration of Dispatch reinforces the idea of shoppable ads living anywhere—driving a powerful ad experience that can lead to a 35% improvement in conversion rates through better checkout experiences.”

Shopify merchants leveraging Adacado will enjoy the benefits that come with precise customer targeting and faster updates to product listings. Through Dispatch, they will have direct access to Shopify customer product information for more accurate customer targeting and continuous relationship management. Additionally, Dispatch will offer $1,000 in ad credit to eligible merchants toward advertising using the in-ad checkout offering.

Please visit for more information or visit Dispatch’s blog on the new features and how to get started.

About Dispatch

Dispatch acts as a multi-platform “buy now” button that eliminates the need for click-throughs, removing friction and transforming traditionally marketing-only channels into sales channels. We do this by making content and media shoppable, via digital advertising, social media, and beyond.

Dispatch’s ecommerce connectors integrate with popular platforms, such as Shopify and Salesforce B2C Commerce, to allow merchants to easily list products from their catalogs, receive payments via their existing payment gateways, and handle orders using their existing order management system. Learn more at

About Adacado

Since introducing Adacado 1.0 in 2010, Adacado has stayed razor focussed on its vision; “making advertising easy and accessible for anyone”.  Today, Adacado’s DIY platform offers turnkey quickstart “solutions”, with specific creative, data feeds, product targeting, and media channel configurations ready for anyone to run digital ads, within a few quick steps. 

We were an early pioneer of DCO and continue to generate the highest ROI in product based advertising, as we continue removing steps and friction previously created by over-complex Adtech. Adacado enables brands, business owners and agencies to drive successful outcomes with its breadth of run time ads features, and because its users are completely self-sufficient.