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Advertising For Everyone

Advertising For Everyone

The easiest, most affordable way to build and launch display ads online. Pick a pre configured campaign solution, select the quick start option or build your own ads from scratch. Either way, go live in a matter of minutes.

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Bigger time savings, better results, all in one platform

Campaign set up

Set up your campaign in a matter of minutes. Select a ready-made campaign solution, choose the quick start option or build your ads from scratch. We have options for all user types and businesses.


Creative editor

Make your ads your own in Adacado’s extensive creative editor. Build your ads from scratch or adjust a pre-built template. Adjust elements like font, CTA, imagery and so much more.


Product Feeds & Shopify

For Dynamic Product Ads, Adacado needs to sync with the products you want to sell. Set-up and schedule your product feed updates. If you are a Shopify Merchant connect your products directly and take advantage of shoppable ads with the in-ad checkout widget.


Media buy

Choose where and who your ads are shown to. Select from options like demographics, interests, age, device type and more. Run your media directly through Adacado or your own chosen DSP – it’s up to you.



Analyze your campaign performance; hourly or daily, for the most relevant period of time.


Multi user

Manage and share your advertising accounts with your coworkers. Assign roles like team manager, associate and owner based on responsibilities within your teams.


“When I saw the tool, my first impression (pun intended) is that it basically nails it in terms of encapsulating what online advertising is. Someone unfamiliar with online advertising that created a campaign with Adacado would, afterwards, pretty much know anything they need to know about display advertising”

~ Anonymous User