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Shoppable Ads for Shopify Merchants

Shoppable Ads for Shopify Merchants

Adacado Introduces the 1st ever Shoppable Display Ads. Today Shopify Merchants can link their products directly into Adacado and run dynamic, shoppable ads.

A consumer sees a product they want and can immediately buy that product right in the Adacado powered ad, fulfilling the customers needs, in one simple checkout experience.

Shopify Merchants realize business faster, reduce cart abandonment and ultimately increase sales.

Build shoppable ads

Shoppable Ads are part of the move towards Distributed Commerce. Why is this required?

It all comes down to removing friction and unnecessary barriers, which can affect online sales. Baymard Institute found that 70% of US retail shoppers have abandoned a purchase online. 25% of those shoppers said it was because they were asked to create an account. The Institute estimated that a better check-out experience could have avoided a $260 billion loss, and contributed to an improvement of 35% in large e-commerce store conversion rates.

It makes sense; buying online isn’t always straightforward: there are cookies to be accepted, popups to be closed, newsletter signups, and offers of 10% off for first-time shoppers who create an account. That’s not accounting for the checkout pages, either. What’s your CVV again? Sometimes you’d rather just close the page than go through the checkout gauntlett.

It adds up fast: It’s estimated that an awkward checkout experience is costing US retailers $111–136 billion in revenue every year.

Shoppable Ads use case

Ski helmet sales before ski season

You are a ski store and you retarget visitors that have been looking at ski helmets over the last few months. You build a product based campaign showing ads with last viewed helmets, and using a Dispatch in-ad checkout CTA. Maybe throw in an offer or a product in a limited supply message, or anything else that would entice them to buy now.

These ads are seen by people who are ready to buy that ski helmet; So fill their order right here and now!

Why should Shopify Merchants use Adacado Shoppable Ads?

Increased efficiency for your merchants to build and run dynamic ads.

Streamline your purchase paths and reduce cart abandonment with an actionable ‘buy now’ button.

Eliminate the hassle involved in keeping product catalogs and inventory levels updated in real-time with Adacado Ads.

Remove customer friction and reduce the steps needed to go from browsing to conversion.

Combine advertising and commerce offering a checkout experience anywhere people are without interrupting their online experience.

Adacado shoppable ad features


Adacado has pre-built solutions for your Shopify products with Dispatch in-ad checkout buttons. Keep your pre-selected ad solution or select another one that suits you better.

Shopify product upload (via Dispatch)

Upload and keep your products current in Adacado by connecting to Dispatch and authorizing Adacado on your behalf. The best thing about this? No product feed required.

Shoppable ads

A Dispatch actionable buy now button that processes the sale then and there, removing friction and unnecessary barriers, which can delay or even lose online sales (i.e new pages, sign-ins, offers, etc.).

Quick start (dynamic ads)

Adacado’s quick start option is the fastest and easiest way to build dynamic display ads. In a few simple steps, your ads will be live and you can begin tracking results (ad behavior and sales).

Ready to give it a try and want some help?

Our distributed commerce partner, Dispatch is offering $1,000 in ad credit to eligible Shopify merchants. Email for more info.

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