Adacado Advertising Boost

NOTICE: Offer valid from Oct 15, 2020 – Apr 30, 2021.

Shoppers are online more than ever before and with that we want to give your advertising budget a boost. We will give you up to $400 towards your first campaign, to help you drive more traffic, and achieve more results.

How It Works

Sign up to take advantage of 3 independent sequential Advertising Offers

Start your campaign and once your initial usage reaches the Offer Trigger Value and the required number of days, you will receive the corresponding Advertising Credit. Then the clock and usage accumulation begins again for the succeeding offer.

Offer Details

Sign up today and give your advertising a Boost!


No. The Offers are independent of each other and sequential.

Yes. Each earned Advertising Credit will automatically be added to your account.

No. Earned Advertising Credits do not count  towards the next Offer Trigger Value.

Advertising is about more ads over a reasonable period of time (30 -90 days), for you to learn and achieve greater results. We want to help you do just that.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at