16/10/2020 - Adacado included in The Forrester Wave™: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q4 2020 "The Nine Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up" - Click here to get your copy*

Feature List

Key features

All-in-one advertising dashboard

✓ Build your creative

Manage your media buy

Review your results

✓ Optimize your ROAS



All features available, always, no upsells

Set up

  • Billing account information
  • Credit card validation
  • Industry specific solutions for Auto, Retail /eCommerce, Real Estate, and Travel
  • Unlimited number of advertisers
  • Easy activation/deactivation of advertisers
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Easy activation/deactivation of campaigns
  • Campaign scheduling with automated start/end dates
  • Campaign goals/objectives i.e Prospecting/Retargeting
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling ads – based on day, # of ads served, time
  • Location targeting
  • Contextual targeting
  • Language targeting
  • Device/browser targeting
  • Media Buying i.e. top media exchanges
  • Daily overview
  • Monthly billing – based on daily usage
  • Credit card only
  • Special business rules (free offers, volume commitments etc.)

Ad Delivery

  • Simple universal pixel (per advertiser)
  • Pixel deployed directly on website or via tag containers (e.g. Google Tag Manager)
  • Required if not buying media through Adacado
  • Compatible with all leading DSPs and ad exchanges, including Google Ads.
    • Automatic generation of DSP macros 
    • Export of ad tags via single zip file
  • Compatible with UTM tracking and other 3rd party trackers
  • Preview and share live ads
  • Global CDN so that ads will load fast and efficiently
  • AI used to optimize ad performance
  • Include 3rd-party tracking to enhance existing reporting


  • Proven gallery of predefined creative themes
    • Industry (vertical)
    • Multi-frame
    • Static/ Dynamic
  • Pick a pre-defined ad theme and modify it
  • Or, build an ad from scratch
  • Import your own creative
  • For detailed editor capabilities, just try it!
  • Build different ads (including seasonal ones) and schedule in advance 
  • A/B test different creatives

Data & Analytics

  • Clicks/Impressions
  • Products Viewed
  • Site Visits
  • Revenue Potential
  • Sale Opportunities (number & value)
  • Last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days etc.

Based on:

  • Selected time frame
  • Theme, product and ad format


  • Create static ads with dynamic messaging
    • Use a simple google sheet for dynamic messaging
  • Data feed integration for automated ad generation
    • Advertiser or campaign level
    • Filtering capabilities (i.e. only products with inventory)
    • Unlimited number of products
    • Integrate data feeds via hosted URL (HTTP/HTTPS) or FTP
    • Supported file formats: CSV, TXT, XML(Google Product Feeds) & Google Sheets
    • Automated mapping of assets with drag and drop editing
    • Scheduled updates, ranging from hourly to daily


  • Chat with us live on our website and platform daily 6-6pm (PDT)
  • Quick start videos
  • Support documentation