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Front End Developer

Front End Developer

Who you are…

You have over 4 years of web application design and coding expertise, and want to do more innovative front-end development in unorthodox ways.

Adacado is looking for expert front-end developers with proven coding and UX design skills. You have the perfect balance of left and right brain, with an eye for great dynamic industrial style and the mind to implement the complex logic to drive it.  HTML/CSS/ES6 are second-nature to you, you are equally comfortable with CSS keyframes and HTML Canvas as well as Javascript asynchronous functions and DOM manipulation.

You are very adaptable, and know that there is no single way or right way to develop.  You understand that the ends are more important than the means, and the ends will forever evolve and always introduce new challenges.  You don’t hesitate to abandon code or methodology in favor of something new that better solves the current problem.  You thrive in doing something that has never been done before.

Adacado client-side applications contain most of our business rules, and you will be expected to design, implement, and maintain complicated business logic as per our architecture.  Your designs and code will be expected to effectively manage data efficacy, data versioning, and all calls to our various APIs.

As a developer at Adacado you will collaborate closely with teammates to implement and ship new features in a fast paced environment where you catch errors and deploy same-day fixes on a regular basis.  You feel a personal pride in the code that you produce and enjoy a culture of constant group learning as we exchange expertise and experience with each other. You have no problem spending time to try something and then throw it out all-together to start anew if it doesn’t fit the bill.  You understand that the best tool for the job is teamwork.

The Adacado Platform

The Adacado SAAS platform (and its roadmap) creates many interesting technical challenges.  Adacado is built on Kubernetes, Golang, Vue, and ES6, and utilizes Node, Postgres, Kafka, Aerospike, and ElasticSearch.  We manage an ever growing army of microservices (150+ unique across 300+ deployments) with special care in making our applications performant, available, and scalable.

The Adacado Team

Everyone at Adacado believes in our product, making our group close knit. We live through our trials and tribulations together (often over great Vancouver craft beer or other libations). Our staff are our most valuable resource.

We provide our team members with competitive compensation with benefits and stock options, liberal time off, flexible work hours, and a generous skills-development/education budget. All developers also receive a stand-up desk, dual monitors, and a Nerf gun (yes, a Nerf gun!).

Adacado is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, close to public transit. Everyday is casual day in the office and we provide a fully stocked kitchen with snacks. We also serve lunch hot and fresh every Friday, have regular in-office craft beer and wine parties, and bi-annual company retreats.


This role is based in our Vancouver office and applicants must be eligible to work in Canada. Remote applicants WILL NOT be considered.

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