Moldy Avocados – Miles Kimball

Unique Outdoor Items - Miles Kimball

A Decorative Lawn Easter Bunny... Goose... ad?

✓ Consistent Font Style

✓ Visual Elements Are Eye-Catching

✓ Clean Layout

A plush goose dressed as the easter bunny, perched on astroturf. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the world we live in. After a second gander, however, my initial fowl feelings slowly flew in favour of fascination as this delightful little ad pecked its way into my heart. 

The delicate position of her wings flaunts a timid sincerity, as if bashfully cradling a gift for her Beau; caught at a loss for words. The goose’s wholesome demeanor veritably chirps springtime church picnics with potato salad and crustless sandwiches; of easter egg hunts at grandma’s house; of lemonade stands and community yard sales under the amber August sun. I’m not getting emotional over a plush goose wearing bunny ears, you are…

Nostalgia aside, the ad design could use some preening. The tagline “Unique Outdoor Items” speaks for itself, and describes the product perfectly, but the text bleeds into the highlights of the imagery. The logo could benefit from some visual differentiation, as the hierarchy of the tagline/logo/CTA is a bit muddled.

For a whimsical ad, full of bygone innocence, big thumbs up to the Kim-ball wizard who put this one together. I’ll duck out here.


Certified Ripe!