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Welcome to Moldy Avocados, the web's most trusted review source for quality online advertising. Browse through our curated selection of digital ad reviews to see how they rank on the Avocado-Meter and whether they taste Certified Ripe, or stink like a bowl of Week-Old Guac.

The Type Of Ad That Keeps You Up At Night

The type of ad that keeps you up at night, wondering why you haven’t accomplished anything. Pretty self explanatory. Well done Ziploc!

Black Friday - Served On A Sunday

 Black Friday – the most wonderful time of the year. The time for ad agencies to come out swinging. For brands to peddle their wares in the homes and on the screens of delirious-for-the-deal, bargain-brained buyers everywhere…

A Living Room Mystery

The ad begins with a roomba-style vacuum gliding across the ad-frame, presumably sucking up dust and dirt as it goes along, and revealing a block of mysteriously cropped-out text.

Unique Outdoor Items - Miles Kimball

A plush goose dressed as the easter bunny, perched on astroturf. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the world we live in. After a second gander, however, my initial fowl feelings slowly flew in favour of fascination as this delightful little ad pecked its way into my heart.

Hotel Emblem San Francisco

San Francisco – The Golden City, The City by the Bay, the home of cable cars, Alcatraz, sourdough bread, and the world’s only fog with a twitter account (@KarlTheFog, if you don’t follow already). It’s a city I love to love, and gleefully returned to its parks and piers in June of this year. This delightful little ad for a San Francisco hotel happened across my browser two months later in August, so unfortunately somewhere along the line it seems this cable car derailed.

Milani Plumbing & Drainage Services

You don’t have to be a genius to predict rain in Vancouver – in this city, rain is as ingrained in this city as mountains, sushi, and unaffordable real estate. But tailoring an otherwise dull-as-sin plumbing ad with real-time location and weather data to a rain-soaked Vancouverite? I tip my designer-umbrella to you, Milani.

Vimeo Can Help

Vimeo can help. The concept for Vimeo’s first ever major brand campaign couldn’t get any simpler. And it works.

Energy Upgrade California

As the world shifts to stricter environmental policies and increased use of clean energy, brands and governments will need to continue to educate consumers. The Power Down campaign is a brilliant example of how consumer education can be accomplished in an easy, humorous way.