Moldy Avocados – Milani

Drainage Cleaning Campaign

A Milani Plumbing Ad Promoting Drainage Services

✓ Compelling Message

✓ Branding is Clear

✓ Relevant Landing Page

You don’t have to be a genius to predict rain in Vancouver – in this city, rain is just as ingrained as mountains, sushi, and unaffordable real estate. But tailoring an otherwise dull-as-sin plumbing ad with real-time location and weather data to a rain-soaked Vancouverite? I tip my designer-umbrella to you, Milani.

This ad really caught my eye, because I had seen the forecast earlier today expecting rain over the next 48 hours. The actual service (perimeter drain cleaning services) is not something I was interested in or looking for, but the striking red footer and image/weather icon combo immediately caught my eye. The ad also didn’t have any relevance to the cycling website I was looking at, but that’s fine – even cyclists need their drains cleaned (and that is NOT a metaphor…).

I’m impressed with Milani. Call me traditional, but when someone says plumber, ‘high-tech-real-time-data’ is not the first thing that comes to mind. This ad makes me think they are more sophisticated than I would have originally expected.

Well done Milani. For a well targeted, online plumbing ad, I give this a royal flush.


Certified Ripe!