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Moldy Avocados – Emblem

Hotel Emblem San Francisco

A Hotel Ad With A San Fran Vibe

✓ Clear Intent

✓ Branding is Clear

✓ Clean Layout

San Francisco – The Golden City, The City by the Bay, the home of cable cars, Alcatraz, sourdough bread, and the world’s only fog with a twitter account (@KarlTheFog, if you don’t follow already). It’s a city I love to love, and gleefully returned to its parks and piers in June of this year. This delightful little ad for a San Francisco hotel happened across my browser two months later in August, so unfortunately somewhere along the line it seems this San Fran cable car has derailed.

The message and imagery in the ad is effective, if a bit cluttered. There’s an equal emphasis on the cityscape and the hotel room itself. San Francisco has some of the most recognizable landmarks in North America, but Emblem opts for a more subtle “skateboarding the wrong way down a city street” type imagery. I’m not a fan of touristy attractions, so blatant lawlessness aside, this sort of image appeals to me more than a guided tour of Alcatraz. Sorry Mr. Capone…

Personally, I think of hotels as a means to an end. I visit a hotel to experience the city, I don’t visit a city to experience the hotel. Emblem has done a great job of capturing the #BestCoast vibes of San Francisco, and delivering a compelling enough offer to grab  my attention. Where this one misses the mark is in the targeting – it was served about 2 months too late. Great work in the ad creative, but overall this San Francisco sourdough just hasn’t risen. Sorry Karl.


Certified Ripe!