Moldy Avocados – Energy Upgrade California

Power Down

An Energy Upgrade Ad Focused On Energy Consumption

✓ Simple Messaging

✓ Clean Design

✓ Educational Marketing

As the world shifts to stricter environmental policies and increased use of clean energy, brands and governments will need to continue to educate consumers. I for one, had never considered that using energy at different times of the day would make any notable difference. The Power Down campaign is a brilliant example of how consumer education can be accomplished in an easy, humorous way.

The design is bright and clean, while the messaging is minimal and simple to grasp. The videos use two different approaches: the first is a parody of an All-American, inspirational travel video; the second is a fast-paced montage of unplugging and off-turning of appliances in an almost Wes Anderson style of minimalism and symmetry.

The campaign serves to educate and entertain, and successfully pulls off both. I wish only that there was more congruency between the two video styles – as the funny travel-to-California style ad was undoubtedly the more entertaining of the two. Overall, exceptional work as always by DDB, and especially for bringing humor and simplicity to the utilities industry.


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