Google recently announced that on February 15, 2018, Chrome will stop showing all ads on websites that display “non-compliant” ads through their built-in ad-blocker. We’re happy to assure you that this announcement will have no impact on Adacado provided creative. Based on Google’s better ads standards, Adacado ads will be considered compliant and thus not susceptible to Chrome’s ad blocking.

As an active IAB member, Adacado is also an active participant in the Dynamic Creative Standards Committee providing creative standards for programmatic advertising. We work diligently with our member partners to develop and implement a set of universal dynamic creative ad standards to help improve the quality of display ads online. When creative is personalized and relevant, it provides a better user experience and better advertiser performance. That’s why Adacado supports Chrome’s upcoming changes to stop these intrusive ads, as it helps bring more of the advertising world in-line with Adacado’s mission to “make ads that matter”.

If you would like to find out more about Google’s announcement and how it might affect your other campaigns not running through Adacado, you can find the article link below.

Due to this upcoming update, Google has already started initiatives to ban specific Expandable Creatives from other vendors. To find out if your campaigns are affected here is the link to the full article with the list of vendors whose ads are on the disapproval list.

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