Campaigns are what we’re all about. Each advertiser can have multiple campaigns, each with their own specific goals and product data.

Hot tip!:
There’s a few steps involved in setting up a campaign, so as long as you follow the instructions below and Save at every step, you’ll be up and running in no time!

Get started

You’ve added an advertiser – now it’s campaign time! Follow the steps below to set up, preview, and launch your first campaign.


After saving your Advertiser, you will land on the Campaign Setup page.


Choose a name for your campaign. Ex: New Summer Inventory


Choose an objective for your campaign. This decision is crucial, as it will dictate the logic which determines what products will display in your ads.


Scroll to the top of the page and click Save.


Select if the products you upload should be used for all campaigns under this advertiser, or specific to this campaign.


If you have access to a Data Feed, select the appropriate options – using the Data Feeds for Retail or Data Feeds for Automotive documents as a guide. Use the Data Feeds Requirements document if you get stuck.


If you don’t have access to data feeds just yet, click Use Default Settings; you can always come back to this section later.


Click Save at the top right of your screen if you haven’t already.


On the Creative page, hover over your desired theme. Click the check-mark icon to select that theme. The system will take up to a minute to save that theme and its assets, depending on how much data it is dealing with.


If this is a retail campaign, and you didn’t add product data in the last step, paste the URL of a product page from your advertiser into the Ad Preview Samples text area. Click Analyze URLs and the system will fetch available data from the URLs you entered, and populate the ads once it has finished parsing the data. This could take a few minutes, depending on the data.


Alternatively, enter all the data manually under the Manual Enter Data section (company logo, text, price, image, etc.). Note: product data will not save if it is added manually.


Click Continue in the top right corner.


From the Publish page, preview your campaign, access your pixel, and download your publisher-specific AdTag.

Hot tip!
Remember that to preview a campaign, the campaign has to be active and your billing info must be up to date. If not, you’ll get an icky error message instead of a swell-looking ad.

Congratulations! You’ve set up your first campaign!