Media Options For Adacado


How to set up media buying

When you create a new campaign, you will be asked to name your campaign and choose a campaign objective. By default Adacado is set up to buy media for you. If you want to change this (ie: you have an existing DSP), simply flip the switch to “You are buying media through another source”. 

Scroll down to adjust the media buying settings. 

1. Number of ads to be served

These settings are where you define how many ads to be served each day, and the costs associated with the settings you’ve chosen. If you want to show more or less ads per day or change the days and times when ads are shown to viewers, you can adjust the settings here. The times set here are in the same timezone as your advertiser settings.

The default number of ads to show a day is 1000, but you can adjust this number depending on your budget and campaign goals. 

The prices shown here are estimates and may vary depending on a few factors. Your actual charge may be less than the amount shown, depending on the supply of advertising spots available in a given day. Please note however, that the minimum daily charge is $10. There are also costs associated with the processing of product data, so for example, in the scenario where you are running a very large product feed your actual billed amount may exceed the estimates shown on this screen. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a lot of products and have concerns regarding the costs associated with the processing of product data.

2. Physical locations

If you are selling cars in Minneapolis, then you probably don’t want to spend your media budget serving ads to viewers in Seattle. The physical location settings let you define where you want the viewers of your ads to be. 

If you want to use the location settings you entered for your Advertiser, you can click “Configure your own area” and select “Target ads around advertiser location”. 

If you want to enter your own location settings, then go ahead and add the country you want your viewers to be from. If you want to narrow the location further, you can add a state/province/region, or city. 

3. Websites

This is an optional setting which can be used to narrow down the types of websites your ads will appear. If you have a certain type of website you want your ads to appear on you can choose from a selection of websites such as Fashion, Pets or Electronics. Please note that because the cost to advertise on certain websites is higher than others, choosing some website categories may result in higher charges than others. These differences in prices will be automatically reflected in the estimated costs shown on this page. 

If you are happy to have your ads displayed on a wide variety of websites, then leave this option blank.

4. Devices

Here you can choose to limit your audience to those using specific platforms or browsers. If you will only be creating mobile ads, for example, then it could make sense to limit your platforms to only Android and iOS devices.

5. Languages

You may want to narrow down potential viewers based on what language their browser is set to. You can choose which languages to include/exclude here.

All set! Once you switch your campaign on, your ads will start being served to viewers. 

Where are my adtags?

Adtags can be found on the publishing page for campaigns which are not using Adacado media buying. If you will be using a DSP or agency to buy your media, then make sure that your campaign media buying option is turned off.

If you are using Adacado to buy your media you don’t need adtags because we take care of ad publishing for you.

How to turn off media buying

Pause media buying for a campaign

Simply turn the campaign off in the Campaigns list page. No ads will be served when the campaign is turned off.  This can be useful if you want to make changes to your campaign creative.

Turn off media buying for a campaign

If you no longer want Adacado to buy your media and would like to use a DSP or media agency instead, simply return to the campaign settings page and flip the switch below the campaign objectives to “Adacado is not serving my ads”.

Turn off media buying by default

If you have an external media solution then you can change the global settings so that by default, new campaigns won’t use Adacado to buy media.

To do this, click the account email menu in the top right corner of the screen and then click Account & Payment Info. 

Then click on the “Options” link on the menu shown on the left hand side of this screen. 

Here you will see the switch, flip it so that the text reads “Use an external service to serve my ads by default”. You will still be able to turn on media buying for individual campaigns if you like, but by default media buying will be turned off for all new campaigns you create.