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1. Start Simple

Build a basic ad, as fast as possible

Start with a simple background, with strong clear imagery. Include a compelling message and offer, and an easy CTA that will attract new customers.

Target your media - again start broad and simple

Set identical amounts of ads to be served for all days of the week, and start with modest volume. Select geography if it matters (i.e. for local businesses, select your Country and State). Consider who your audience is and select your language accordingly. That’s it, or, you could just run with default settings.

Turn the campaign on

Wait up to 24 hours for your ad to be approved across the internet. Now the most important part:

  1. Be Patient, let it run, learn and teach you about this campaign
  2. You need 4 – 6 weeks of advertising to learn anything
  3. Watch in your analytics to see if you are getting the ads you requested
    • If the targeting you have selected is too narrow (ie. city, language, device), you may need to make it broader to get more ads served
  4. Watch your CTR rates and website traffic, and other objectives you may have set
  5. Watch daily behavior; every business has unique customer traits
  6. Consider increasing # of ads served to learn more.

2. Marketing Time - here is where the fun starts!

You will note we don’t recommend long drawn out planning to get going, as running and observing is better than planning and there are many, many ways to optimize your ads from here to increase your desired results.

Now it's time to adjust and observe

Observe this in your analytics, or download the data into a google sheet, excel sheet, etc. and do further analysis. But the key is… is ONE CHANGE at a time!

Here is what you can do:

  1. Start with changing the ad serving patterns
    • Request 0 ads on Saturdays, low volume Sundays and big volume Monday – Wednesday, then slowing Thursday and Friday. This works for professional product buyers, but not for everyone
  2. You can also work with your geographic audience
  3. Consider targeting mobile only if you have a retail store and want to attract people on the go
  4. Language matters; for a more complex product think about who will understand it if your text is only in English. Again don’t waste your money
  5. Then there are all the creative adjustments you can make
    • Change your offer
    • Change your ad theme
    • Change your message
    • Change your CTA – call to action
    • Words like ‘free’, ‘visit’, ‘see’; get more attention than words like buy.. But of course bring people with a little less intent (need to think about your goal here; building your traffic or closing business)
  6. Narrow your product list
    • To sell very specific hot products
    • Or, to simply focus your ads served on fewer products to learn more
  7. You can even set up parallel campaigns to A/B test CTA’s, or messages, to learn faster

Find your rhythm - digital advertising is best when it is always on

  1. So keep learning and adjusting until you find your pattern of success
    • Once you do, now let it run and focus on another part of your business; perhaps managing your increased sales
  2. Then watch your analytics constantly to make sure it continues to behave as expected
  3. And revisit, refresh the creative, and test new ad serving tactics every 4 – 6 weeks
  4. Do a major Creative refresh every 6 months

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at