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Are you looking to create dynamic ads? On this page, we will explain the basic terms and steps needed to understand and create product data for your ads.

If you simply want to advertise your business, check out our guide on how to make static ads. Static ads are an easy way to advertise your brand without creating ads for every product or service you offer.


What is a Product?

Creating Products in Adacado


What is a Product?

In the Adacado platform, a product is a set of information about items or services you are selling, such as a title, URL, image, or price. A product could be an item for sale, like a T-Shirt, car, or service such as dry cleaning. Product data provides important information to be used in your ads, like displaying text or an image of what you are selling.

The type of information you can store in a given product depends on the business type you have set in your advertiser. For example if you are selling vehicles then ‘mileage’ might be a piece of product data that is relevant to what you are offering and to your customers.

Some advertisers will only have a few products, while others may have thousands. The size of the product pool depends on how many items you want to advertise.

Creating Products in Adacado

Within your campaign, click the Product Data button on the bottom of the screen.

You will be prompted to enter your data feed information.

Data Feeds

A data feed is a file that contains product information and can be added to a given campaign or advertiser. If you don’t have access to a data feed you can also create your own.

A data feed is how you get product information into your campaign(s). When you have new product details, simply update the product feed itself. At your next scheduled feed processing our system will retrieve the new info and automatically update the ads connected with that feed.

Check out our support page about data feeds to learn more about adding products to your dynamic ads!

Or check out our video on how to see up a data feed!

Product Data with Multiple Campaigns

If you have more than one campaign for an advertiser, then there are two options for how your product data can be stored and used.

Advertiser Level Product Data

When you create your first campaign with product data, that data will be available to be used for other campaigns created for that advertiser. This is known as advertiser level data because it is available to all campaigns under that advertiser.

Campaign Level Product Data

If you want a campaign to use a different data feed than what is being used at the advertiser level, you can set this in your Product Data settings. 

Select “Add and use products only for this campaign”.

Adding products on the campaign level means that products will only be accessible from within this campaign that you are creating.

Note that filtering is only available when using advertiser level data, so if you choose to use campaign level data, filtering will not be available for this campaign.


Yes. You can create a static ad and advertise your brand without using product data. You can skip the “Product Settings” process if you want to create static ads.

You can use a feed provider or export product data from your ecommerce platform (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or Squarespace). Also, you can make your own feed. Check here to get more information on where to get a data feed.

Yes. There is a small charge for each product added to the Adacado system. For more information about product cost, go to “Manage Billing” in your Adacado account, and click “Understanding my bill”.

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at support@adacado.com