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There are two ways you can turn off your ads. The method you choose depends on whether you are using product data and whether you will be running more ads for the advertiser in the near future.

What Type of Ads?

Static Ads

If you are not using product data from a data feed then simply turning off your media channel is sufficient to stop displaying your ads and to prevent any Adacado costs associated with the campaign.

Dynamic Ads

There are costs associated with processing product data. Turning off a media channel will stop the ads from being shown, but you will still incur costs for the data itself.  If you want to turn off your ads permanently or for an undetermined amount of time, then it is best to disable your advertiser so as to avoid product data charges.

Turning Off Media Channels

If you run your display ads or Facebook ads through Adacado and want to turn off ads for a campaign, you must turn off the active media channel for a campaign by accessing the “Ad Delivery Settings” page and switching the media channel status to “INACTIVE”.

Accessing Ad Delivery Settings

Open “Ad Delivery Settings” by clicking “SERVE MY ADS” or the schedule tab in the campaign view footer or by clicking “Serve My Ads” in the campaign dropdown.

You can also access the “Ad Delivery Settings” from the campaign list page by clicking the “Ad Delivery” in the “Manage” drop-down on the right.

If you are in Campaign Edit view for a particular campaign, you can turn off that campaign by flipping the “ON/OFF” button on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

Run Web Ads

If you are using Adacado as the media channel to automatically process media buying with Facebook and place ads on Facebook, you can turn off ads by switching the status button to “Inactive” for this media channel.

Use an alternate DSP (get Ad Tags)

If you are using an external media solution and use Adacado only for ad creation, you will need to turn off your ads on the publisher/DSP side, not on Adacado.

Disabling An Advertiser

If you want to completely turn off all of your ads for an advertiser, then you will need to disable the advertiser. This will ensure that you are not charged for the processing of product data. A disabled advertiser can be re-enabled at any time. 

How To Disable An Advertiser

Under the advertiser menu click “Edit” for the advertiser you wish to disable.

Click “Standing” in the left hand menu, then click on the red “Disable” button on the right to disable the selected advertiser. Please read the explanation and warning on this page before clicking on the “Disable” button.

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