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Adacado Freemium Ads allow you to create and serve display ads for a selected advertiser at no cost indefinitely, with the flexibility to manage this option at any time. This special offer provides a risk-free opportunity to explore our Do-It-Yourself platform before committing to expanded ad serving and expenditures. Let’s explore what Freemium Ads offer and how to activate them step-by-step.


Who is eligible for Freemium Ads?

Freemium Ads Offer

Activating Freemium Ads

How do Freemium Ads work?

For Newcomers to Adacado

Step 1: Welcome Page

Step 2: Start Serving Ads For Free!

Step 3: Solutions That Work!

Step 4: Your Ads

Step 5: Let's Plan Your Ad Campaign!

Step 6: You're Ready To Start Serving Ads!

For existing Adacado users

Creating a New Freemium Ads Advertiser

Who Is Eligible For Freemium Ads?

Freemium Ads are available to all Adacado users, both new signups and existing users, including individual business owners and marketing agencies interested in creating and running display ads for their businesses or clients across various business types.

Freemium Ads Offer:

  • Per day, an advertiser with the Freemium Ads option enabled can have up to 100 impressions for free.
  • Per day, an advertiser with the Freemium Ads option enabled can have up to 50 products processed from their uploaded product data feed for free.
  • Available in popular ad formats: 300×250 (Medium Rectangle) and 728×90 (Leaderboard).
  • Tailored Freemium pre-made solutions by Adacado for different business types and use cases.

How Do Freemium Ads Work?

Number of Applicable Advertisers:

Only one advertiser per billing account can be selected for Freemium Ads on your billing settings page

When you sign up for the Adacado platform, your first advertiser is automatically enrolled in Freemium Ads. Later, you can create more advertisers and, if desired, select one of them as the new Freemium Ads advertiser.

Display of Watermark:

When the Freemium Ads option is enabled for an advertiser, a “Freemium Ads by Adacado” watermark is automatically added to the bottom of the two Freemium Ads formats (300×250 and 728×90) for that advertiser.

Continuity of Free Ads:

Freemium Ads will continue to be served indefinitely until you manually disable the Freemium Ads option.

Media Buying Through Adacado:

Media buying (bidding for and purchasing ad placement on websites) is conducted through Adacado by default without requiring your credit card information.

How to Enable or Disable Freemium Ads Option:

You have complete control over enabling or disabling the Freemium Ads option on your billing settings page. If you wish to remove the watermark from your ads or no longer want to use Freemium Ads, you can simply disable the option.

Extending Freemium Ads Benefits:

When you’re ready to expand beyond the free offers or adjust certain conditions associated with the Freemium Ads option, enhancing your experience is simple. By entering your billing information, including valid credit card details, while keeping the Freemium Ads option enabled for a selected advertiser, you unlock several additional benefits:

  • Full Control: Gain complete control over ad serving and product data generation while still benefiting from the first 100 daily impressions and 50 product counts for free.
  • 3rd-Party DSP Integration: Seamlessly utilize a 3rd-party DSP for media buying.
  • Usage-Based Fees: Any additional impressions or product counts beyond the free offer will incur fees based on our usage-based pricing model.

Activating Freemium Ads

For Newcomers to Adacado

Step 1: Welcome Page

Access the Adacado Platform:

  • Visit and click the “Start Serving Ads for Free” button on the welcome page to begin the signup process.

Step 2: Start Serving Ads for Free!

Provide Information About Your Advertising Needs:

  • Select options that describe yourself and specify what you want to advertise.
  • Based on your preferences and needs, Adacado will offer tailored solutions for creating Freemium Ads for your first advertiser.

Step 3: Solutions That Work!

Choose a Tailored Adacado Solution:

  • Review the suggested pre-built Adacado solutions based on your business and use case and select the one that best suits your needs.
  • Explore additional creative options by clicking “Browse Solutions” as needed.

Step 4: Your Ads

Customize Your Ads:

  • After selecting a solution, you will see two ad formats with the Freemium Ads watermark. 
  • Replace the placeholder images and text, including the logo placeholder image, with your own assets as needed.
  • Adjust your ad design as necessary to accommodate the watermark, which cannot be edited or removed.

Import Products for Product Catalog Use Case

If you’ve chosen “Product Catalog” as your advertising preference, follow these steps to upload your data feed to Adacado. Only the first 50 product entries from your feed will be processed:

  1. Click the “Import Products” button.
  2. Follow the prompts to configure your data feed.
  3. Review the sample product data generated from your feed.
  4. Confirm or adjust the data mapping as needed.

Step 5: Let’s Plan Your Ad Campaign!

After customizing your ads, provide advertiser information and specify ad serving details, including schedule and location preferences.

Step 6: You’re Ready to Start Serving Ads!

Create an account to activate Freemium Ads.

1. Sign up for an account by entering your account information.

2. Click “Serve My Ads” to begin serving your ads. While it’s usually completed within 2-3 hours, please allow up to 24 hours for ad network approval.

3. After activation, you’ll be directed to the “Campaign Overview” page, where you can monitor key campaign metrics (updated daily) such as impressions, clicks, and CTR (click-through rate).

4. When you return to the platform, you’ll be directed to the Creative Editor, displaying the Freemium Ads for your first advertiser. From here, you can explore and utilize all platform features.

Additional Options for Activating Freemium Ads:

Save and Continue Later

When you choose this option, you’ll be redirected to your “Ad Delivery Settings”, where you’ll see a confirmation message indicating that your ads and settings have been saved. From there, you can explore the entire platform.

When you’re ready to start serving your ads, simply click the “Serve My Ads” tab in the platform footer to return to this page. Then, enable the “Run Display Ads” media channel to activate your saved Freemium Ads.

Run Freemium Ads via a 3rd-Party DSP

Select this option to continue using Freemium Ads with a third-party DSP for media buying instead of Adacado. Note that this option requires providing your credit card information. Under our usage-based pricing model, any additional impressions and product counts beyond the free offers will incur fees.

To activate the ad tag for a 3rd-party DSP:

1. Select your preferred DSP and copy or download the required ad tags.

2. Click the “Activate Your Ad Tags” button.
3. Read the option details and then click “Add Payment Info”.

4. Enter your billing information, including valid credit card information, and click “Save”.

For Existing Adacado Users

For existing Adacado users with established accounts and advertisers, here’s how to activate the Freemium Ads option for a selected advertiser:

  1. Click on the account drop-down menu at the top right corner.
  2. Choose “Account & Payment Info.”
  3. Select “Billing” from the left-hand menu.
  4. Under “Freemium Ads,” use the advertiser drop-down to select the advertiser.
  5. Toggle the Freemium Ads option to activate it for the selected advertiser.

When Multiple Campaigns Are Active Under a Freemium Ads Advertiser

If multiple campaigns are active under an advertiser with the Freemium Ads option enabled, the first 100 impressions from two ad formats (300×250 and 728×90, combined across all campaigns) will be free. Any additional impressions and products generated will incur fees based on our usage-based pricing model. The excess incurred fees only apply to users with a valid credit card who have opted for more than 100 free impressions per day (if buying media through Adacado) or are using a 3rd-party DSP to serve their Freemium Ads.

Creating a New Freemium Ads Advertiser

To create a new advertiser and enable the Freemium Ads option, follow these steps:

1. Create New Advertiser:

  • Click on “New Advertiser” at the top of the advertiser list menu in the platform header.
  • Choose “Standard setup” and enter the advertiser information.

2. Access Billing Settings:

  • Go to your billing settings by selecting “Account & Payment Info” in the account drop-down menu in the header.
  • Select “Billing” on the left-hand side menu.

3. Enable Freemium Ads:

  • Under “Freemium Ads”, select the new advertiser from the advertiser drop-down menu.
  • Activate the Freemium Ads option for the selected advertiser.

4. Create a Campaign:

  • Click “Add a Campaign” at the top of the campaign list menu in the platform header.
  • Add a solution to your campaign and customize ads, including two Freemium Ads formats with the watermark (300×250 and 728×90).

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at