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Your Adacado invoice displays all the usages and cost details of your advertisers, updated daily. Access your month-to-date totals, as well as past invoices.

Read on to learn more about finding and viewing your invoices.

Find Your Invoices

Once logged into your Adacado account, view and manage your invoices in one of two ways:

1. Click on “Balance” in the header next to the notifications icon.

2. Click on the account menu at the top right corner of your screen and then click “Manage Invoices”.

Current Invoice

By default, the Manage Invoices page will display the current month’s invoice.

Previous Invoices

Select “Previous Invoices” on the left hand side of the screen to see invoices from previous billing cycles. Click the “view” button next to the month you want to see.

Read Your Invoices

By default, the Manage Invoices page displays “All Transactions” which shows the daily cost for each billable date and the month-to-date totals for your account. You can also expand “Advertiser Details” to see the costs broken down for each advertiser.

  1. Billing account information
  2. Month-to-date balance
  3. Archive of all previous invoices
  4. Adacado Billing/Contact information
  5. Daily cost for each billable date for each advertiser (See more details)
  6. Expand/collapse icon for Advertiser Details
  7. Daily cost for each billable date and month-to-date totals for your account
  8. Expand/collapse icon for All Transactions
  9. Final totals, discounts and taxes for all advertisers in your account
  10. Print your invoice
  11. Live chat

Advertiser Details

Costs are broken down for each billable date and for each advertiser in your account, and are updated on a daily basis.

  1. Advertiser name
  2. Date
  3. Daily platform fees
  4. Month-to-date total fees (per advertiser)

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at