The Filtering Option is able to read all product data that has been uploaded to a given advertiser. Further, advertisers can then filter out products from this product pool in which they do not want included in certain campaigns. This allows advertisers to upload product feeds once and filter out product information according to campaign objectives. Filtering Options eliminates the need to upload products every time a campaign is created.

For example, to display products that cost less than $50, use the “max price” Filter Option. This filters out all products above $50. These filters can be applied to all types of advertisers: retail, auto, and real-estate.

Benefit of Filter Options:

Single product feed: Upload product feed once, and filter products according to campaign specific objectives.


After you have given your campaign a name, and have chosen the objective of your campaign, proceed to the Product Settings Page.


On the Product Settings Page, upload your product information. When you select the option “Create product data for…” you then have two options…“products only for this campaign” or  “products from pool of advertiser”.

Note: The ‘Filtering Option’ is only available at the advertiser level, and can not be used for campaign specific product uploads which in that case a separate data feed upload is required.


Selecting the latter will allow an advertiser to pull product information from the products uploaded to their specific advertiser. Selecting “products only for this campaign…” will require a separate upload of product information.

Note: The ‘Filtering Option’ varies for each vertical selected. Ie retail vertical contains: min price, max price, size, age group etc.