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Dynamic Ads Using Shopify Product Inventory

Adacado offers an easy DIY digital advertising solution that makes it easy for Shopify merchants to create and run dynamic display ads. Increase your brand awareness and drive higher sales, by showcasing your products in your ads.

Adacado Data Feed Requirements

To create dynamic product ads, you will need to import your product inventory into the Adacado system. This process is done using a product inventory data feed meeting the following criteria:

1. a product feed file in one of these formats:
– Google Sheet URL (CSV)
– Google Product Feed (XML)
2. a product feed URL that can be accessible by the Adacado system

If you already have a product inventory data feed, then you can click here to learn more about how to add a data feed on the Adacado platform.

Finding Product Feed Apps In The Shopify App Store

For merchants that do not have a pre-existing product inventory data feed, there are several 3rd party apps in the Shopify app store that will automate product feed creation and updates as well as generate a product feed URL that can be used with Adacado (and other platforms).  You can find these specific apps in the Marketing > Product Feeds category.

Adding A Product Feed App To Your Store

Several apps may work, such as Flexify, DataFeedWatch, and Product Feed Generator, so find the app that best fits your needs. We recommend Flexify, for it’s automated (daily updates), the quality format of its feed output and because it’s free for users with up to 1,000 products. To be clear, Adacado does not have a business relationship or incentives with Flexify, our recommendation is based solely on our customer feedback, so choose the app that best fits your needs and budget.

Example: Flexify

After logging in to the store, click “Apps” in the left panel and then click on “Visit Shopify App Store” in the upper right corner.

Search and select “Flexify” in the app store.

Click the “Add app” and then “Install app” button to add the Flexify app to the store.

Flexify app is now added to your store.  Click “Generate First Feed” to create your first feed. 

The following is an example of the product feed URL you will get:


You can copy/paste this URL into the Product Settings page on the Adacado platform to generate product data for your ads.

If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at support@adacado.com