Adacado has the option to upload data feeds by several data file types. Fields may be numeric or alphanumeric (ie F1) and are delimited in a number of ways.

After you have set up your campaign, you will be taken to the product settings section where you will be prompted to submit a file of your data feed.

Next, you will be asked about your data and how it is ‘delimited’.

A delimiter is a sequence of one or more characters and it specifies where the boundary between separate regions should be. For example, a comma, to separate these distinct values.

The different types in which your data can be delimited are:

Data Delimitation

Comma Separated – This is your classic CSV file (comma-separated values), and is by far the most common file type used to upload product data. Fields are separated by commas. Alphanumeric fields are generally enclosed in double quotes. CSV files can be built in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers (Apple), etc.


  • EE, “F3”, 2.62, 0.37, “Ken Brown”

White Space Separated – Fields are separated by one or more spaces or tabs. Two or more spaces in the row are presented in some other way such as dashes. In this case, no quote processing is done.


  • F3 2.62 0.37 Chad_Brown PB2702
  • F4 – – Tanner_Flippner PX7205

Tab Separated – Fields are separated by a single tab. Data fields may not contain embedded tabs. The last field in a row may be terminated by a tab.


  • F3        2.62        0.37        Ken Brown        PB2702

Note: Here you would manually input a delimiter.