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Step 1: Creative

Once you have completed the sign-up process by creating an account and entering information about your first advertiser, you will automatically be taken to the “CREATIVE” page of the pre-built campaign for the advertiser you just created. You can start creating your ads using the ad templates* provided on this page.

Est. reading time: 2 min.

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Start customizing the templates by uploading your company logo to all of your chosen templates at once.

Upload your image

Customize the image in the templates by uploading your own image or choosing one from our “Free-to-use Image Library.

1. Click the image on any size template.

2. Click the “Change” button below the default image and upload your own image or select one from the Free Image Library we offer.

Customize the promotional text and CTA button text

Follow the same steps to customize your promotion message and CTA button text as you did when editing your company logo and image.

Congratulations! You have created your first ad in Adacado!

Now that your ad is built, it’s time to find the perfect audience for your ad. Click Next to learn how.

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*Adacado has an extensive library of templates to use for your ads. To learn how to select a new one, watch this video.