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Multi-frame ads, often known as carousel or slideshow ads, serve as powerful solutions for capturing attention and conveying a cohesive message. Whether dynamic or static, they offer a versatile platform to showcase your brand, products, and promotions. Unlock the potential of impactful multi-frame ads as we guide you through essential steps to captivate your audience, foster meaningful interactions with your brand, and enhance engagement to boost sales.

Understanding Multi-Frame Ads

Multi-frame ads represent a dynamic visual format, allowing you to curate a sequence of frames, each presenting unique content. This format empowers you to showcase various products, tell compelling stories, or highlight specific features, ensuring your ad effectively captures and retains viewer attention.

Advantages of Multi-Frame Ads

  • Enhanced Engagement: Promote user interactions and extended viewing for increased overall engagement.
  • Product Showcase: Boost exposure by presenting a variety of products, features, or promotions within a single ad space.
  • Compelling Storytelling: Convey a unified brand message or tell a story across multiple frames to create a lasting impact.

Diverse Approaches to Multi-Frame Ads in Adacado

Adacado offers diverse approaches to creating multi-frame ads, encompassing two main types: dynamic multi-frame ads with data feeds and static multi-frame ads without data feeds.

Dynamic Multi-Frame Ads with Data Feeds

Dynamic ads use data feeds to deliver content that dynamically adapts based on information generated from these feeds. This approach allows for tailored ad content, making it ideal for showcasing products or adjusting content based on user behavior. The dynamic nature of these ads ensures a personalized user experience.

Example 1: Multi-Product Ads

Highlight a variety of products within a single ad, dedicating each frame to showcase a different item with details pulled from your data feeds. 

Use Case: Product Showcase for E-commerce

Imagine running an e-commerce platform with a diverse range of products, aiming to highlight a collection of your best-selling items. Users can easily navigate through the content using in-ad navigation, exploring various offerings and engaging with the content that appeals to them most.

Example 2: Multi-Product Ads with Brand or Promotion Frames

Enhance your multi-product ad by incorporating static frames designed for brand messaging or promotions, creating a unified and impactful ad experience. The static frame, independent of data feeds, serves as a focal point strategically positioned to grab the viewer’s attention and positively influence the presentation of your products. This approach can potentially enhance your multi-frame ad’s overall effectiveness.

Use Case: Product Showcase with Special Offers

For Black Friday promotions, capture attention with a bold offer in the initial static frame, followed by various items, each highlighting specific product details. This approach maximizes the impact of your promotion and displays a diverse range of products within a single ad.

Static Multi-Frame Ads Without Data Feeds

Crafting multi-frame ads without relying on data feeds empowers you with precise control over content, enabling static visuals and messages that uphold consistency and brand integrity. Each frame functions as a snapshot, remaining unchanged until you manually update it.

Example 1: Brand Storytelling

Create a visually compelling brand narrative using static images and text frames that unfold like a story. This method is especially effective for conveying a brand’s values or crafting a story that naturally unfolds.

Use Case: Organic Cosmetic Brand Story

Picture an organic cosmetic brand that prioritizes natural ingredients. Through this static multi-frame ad, seamlessly incorporate impactful images and messages to unveil your brand’s essence. Each frame can spotlight a key value or a moment in your brand’s journey, ensuring a captivating and coherent brand story.

Example 2: Promotion Showcase

Leverage static multi-frame ads strategically to showcase exclusive promotions with actual product images and compelling details. Each frame maintains a consistent promotional message, ensuring a sense of urgency and engagement.

Use Case: Gadget Shop Limited-Time Promotion

Envision running a gadget shop with an exclusive limited-time promotion. Present featured products alongside promotion details, encouraging immediate action. This format enhances your promotion’s impact, providing a diverse yet unified presentation within a single ad.

Understanding the Framework of Multi-Frame Ads

Before exploring various creative options for creating multi-frame ads within Adacado, let’s first understand the fundamental structure of these ads.

Template vs. Ad Frame

A single multi-frame ad consists of multiple templates, each contributing to an individual ad frame. For example, if you wish to showcase 5 products from your data feeds in rotation, your ad should include 5 dynamic templates. Choose the appropriate template type (dynamic or static) for your ad type.

Template Comprising for a Single Multi-Frame Ad

Adacado provides flexibility in composing templates for a multi-frame ad according to your preferences. Choose the appropriate template type for your ad type- dynamic or static. As desired, you can add, remove, or mix templates within an ad. For example, if your goal is to have 5 frames within an ad, make sure each ad includes:

Example 1: Dynamic Multi-Product Ads: 

  • Use 5 dynamic templates. You can choose identical dynamic templates or mix different ones. Depending on your campaign goals, this allows for a cohesive look or a varied presentation.

Example 2: Dynamic Multi-Product Ads with Brand or Promotion Frame: 

  • Include at least 1 static template for the brand/promotion frame alongside dynamic templates for product display. Such inclusion ensures consistent brand messaging or highlighting special offers, while dynamic templates showcase diverse products for an impactful multi-frame ad.

Example 3: Static Multi-Frame Ads for Product Showcase or Promoting Brand or Special Offers:

  • Utilize 5 static or dynamic templates. Choose identical templates or mix different ones to create a varied and engaging ad display.


  • For static ads, you can use either static or dynamic templates or a combination of both. However, when having dynamic templates in static ads, do not use data feeds. Otherwise, the ad will display information pulled from your data feeds instead of placeholders or manually added images or text.
  • To ensure your dynamic ads display products from your data feed, use dynamic templates exclusively. If static templates are used in dynamic ads, it will result in placeholders or manually input images/text being displayed. However, it’s important to note that the brand-/romotion frame, created using a static template within dynamic multi-frame ads, remains unaffected by data feeds and will display placeholders or manually input static images or messages.
  • Templates for most dynamic themes include arrow or dot navigations. Make sure to incorporate these navigations when creating carousel-type ads.

Now that we’ve explored the fundamental structure of multi-frame ads, let’s dive into the process of creating them. In the following section, we’ll provide creative options and detailed instructions.

Crafting Multi-Frame Ads with Adacado’s Creative Options

Whether you lean towards the flexibility of dynamic content or prefer the hands-on control of static visuals, Adacado provides essential tools in the Creative Editor for building a compelling multi-frame ad campaign.


Explore the creative options provided by Adacado for crafting compelling multi-frame ads.

Ready-made Themes (Template Sets):

  • Explore pre-built themes that consist of templates for various IAB standard ad formats. Dynamic themes feature 5 identical dynamic templates for each ad format, while static themes present a single template for each ad.
  • Adacado’s Dynamic Campaign Solutions leverage dynamic themes for creative options, while static themes are used for static solutions.
  • To add a theme from the template library to your campaign, filter templates by template type, choosing “Template Set” for theme selection and “Dynamic” or “Static” for ad type. 

Example: Dynamic Theme for Retail

Example: Static Theme for Retail

Individual Ready-made Templates:  

  • Browse through single templates designed for specific ad formats and types (dynamic or static) in the Adacado Template Library.

Example: Dynamic Template for Retail

Example: Static Template for Retail

Personalized Templates:


  • All themes and templates in the Adacado Template Library and Adacado Campaign Solutions are customizable through our Creative Editor.
  • Adjust the number of templates, representing the number of ad frames, by adding or removing templates within an ad. 
  • Swap preselected templates with other options from the Adacado Template Library or start fresh with a blank template for a personalized design.

Example 1: Dynamic Multi-Products Ads

No manual template addition is needed when using Adacado’s Dynamic Campaign Solutions or ready-made dynamic themes, as they come pre-equipped with multiple ad formats, each with multiple templates.

However, if you opt for a single dynamic template from the template library, you’ll need to manually combine templates to construct a multi-frame ad.

Add or remove ad formats as desired and adjust the number of frames by adding or removing templates within an ad.

Example 2: Dynamic Multi-Product Ads with Brand or Promotion Frame

To construct multi-frame ads highlighting products with a brand or promotion frame, combine dynamic templates with a static template dedicated to brand messaging or promotion.

Suppose you aim to create a multi-frame ad featuring a Black Friday promotion frame in the first position, followed by frames showcasing various products. When using a ready-made dynamic theme:

  1. Remove one of the existing templates within the ad by clicking the trash bin icon in the bottom right of the template footer.
  2. Select a static Black Friday promotion template from the Adacado Template to add to the ad.
  3. Click “Do Not Apply Data” in the “Synchronize My Template” popup.
  4. Position the selected Black Friday promotion template in the desired place by clicking the double arrows on the bottom left of the template footer.
  5. Customize the ad by uploading your logo, replacing the promotion message, and adjusting the template transition settings once the promotion frame is in place.

After completing the addition of the promotion frame for an ad format, follow the same steps to include promotion frames in other ad formats.

Example 3: Static Multi-Frame Ads

Adacado’s Static Campaign Solutions and ready-made static themes come with various IAB standard ad formats, with each ad represented by a single template. As a result, when creating multi-frame ads using these creative options or individual ready-made templates, manual template addition is necessary.

Here are several options to manually add more templates to supplement the one already added within an ad:

  • Choose the identical template from the template library. Alternatively, add blank templates and use the copy-and-paste feature to include multiple templates with a consistent look throughout the ad.
  • Select other static or dynamic templates from the template library and mix them for a more diverse appearance.
  • Integrate new blank templates and design them from scratch using creative widgets in the Creative Editor.

Example 1: Choosing the identical template from the template library.

Example 2: Utilizing copy & paste feature

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