Static vs Dynamic Ads

Select a Creative to Use (Adacado Template Library)

Customize Your Ads

Preview Your Ads

Static vs Dynamic Ads

There are two types of ads you can create with Adacado, static or dynamic. Dynamic ads use product data from an inventory data feed and static ads do not. 

Static ads show the same information every time they are viewed and can be made much simpler. They are a great way to advertise your brand or a single product or service.  

Dynamic ads allow you to advertise many products or services, dynamically changing the products shown to viewers.

Select a Creative to Use (Adacado Template Library)

Once you have created your advertiser and campaign, you will be taken to the “Select a creative to use” page, where you can find a variety of pre-built templates that you can use for your campaign. On this page, you can view and select templates from three different sections and the templates viewed here are dependent on the business type chosen when you created your advertiser.

Learn more about choosing a template.

Filter Dynamic Templates

The Adacado Template Library offers pre-built ad templates by ad size and creative type for a variety of business types, such as retail, automotive, real estate, and hotel. To create a dynamic ad, use the Creative Type filter at the top of the page and select “Dynamic” to refine the template library to dynamic templates only.  

Using a pre-built template is the fastest and easiest way to create your ads.

My Templates

When you create your own template from scratch using our creative editor, the template you create will be saved in the “My Templates” section.

Previously Used Templates

When you select, edit and use templates in a campaign, copies of all templates used in the campaign are automatically saved to the “Previously Used Templates” section. These templates can be used in campaigns for all advertisers of the same business type (e.g. retail, auto, etc.). 

Customize Your Ads

Once you’ve chosen your creative template from the library, you will go to the CREATIVE page, where you will see the multiple ad sizes associated with the template you chose.

Click the notes icon on the left side of the CREATIVE page to open the “Manually Enter Data” and add your own logo, image, and text to make the ads your own.

Uploading Your Logo and Assets

The Manually Enter Data tab allows you to upload and adjust three different types of assets in your creative:

  • Image Assets such as company logo or product image
  • Text Assets such as button text or promotional text
  • URL to be used as your default URL

NOTE:  Dynamic ads are often used in conjunction with an advertiser’s inventory data feed.   When using an inventory data feed, the product data displayed in the ad creative such as product image, price, sale price, title, and product URL will all come from the inventory data feed. However, it’s important to note that any values entered in the Manually Enter Data tab will act as defaults if the event values are missing from the inventory data feed.  For example, entering “Call for Price” in the Product Price field will ensure that text is displayed in the ad if a price value is missing in the inventory data feed.

Making Color, Font & Layout Changes

It is also possible to edit the look and layout of your ads by editing the template in the creative editor.

Adding Multiple Ad Creatives

You can use multiple ad creatives in your campaign. Here are two key ways this feature can be used:

  • Scheduling:  Each creative can be assigned a start and end date allowing you to pre-schedule automated creative updates.
  • Testing:  By having multiple creatives active at the same time, the Adacado system will alternate between creatives providing an easy way to test and measure different creative variations or messaging.

Click the clock icon in the bar on the left side of the CREATIVE page and open the “Creative Schedule” panel where you can add, remove or schedule creatives.

Preview Your Ads

Once you’ve completed creating ads of your own, you can preview the ads by clicking the play button in each ad header on the CREATIVE page to view individual ads or by clicking the “PREVIEW” tab in the footer to open a shareable PREVIEW page where you can preview all ad sizes.

NOTE: Your campaign must be turned ON, in order for your ads to serve on the preview page.

Have a good look at your ads, do they look how you expect? Click here to learn more about how to test your campaign.

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