Top 3 Ways To Get Creative Inspiration

Top 3 Ways To Get Creative Inspiration

Looking to get creatively inspired to better market your business? Look no further.

As a digital marketer, I am constantly trying to come up with new ways of being creative. That said, there are so many great (free) tools out there that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Looking for design inspiration becomes especially useful when trying to market your own business.

I will go through my top 3 creative tools that will be of use in creating inspiration for you. These tools will give you a better eye for design that you can incorporate into your work. And if you happen to do some display advertising, it will teach you how to create better, more eye-catching ad creatives.


If you’re in the world of design or marketing, you’ve most likely encountered Canva.

It’s free to use and a must have tool for influencers, marketers, social media users etc. 

Canva offers a ton of templates for different purposes including social media (linkedin, twitter, instagram). They offer a library full of free tools including fonts, images and stickers that you can easily drag and drop into your template. These templates offer different sizes and dimensions depending on where you want to use your creative.

Whether your creative be an infographic or a simple promotional image – it’s a great way to get visuals out there, quickly.

Overall, Canva is a fantastic way for businesses to gain credibility and build a professional profile.


Pinterest offers an abundance of inspiration for all category types.

Whether you’re a food blogger looking for new recipes or a web designer looking for design inspiration – Pinterest has it all.

Pinning different images/boards is an option Pinterest provides, which gives you the ability to save all the images you like and see them as a whole. It’s a great place for you to hone your eye for design – all in one place!

Phlearn Tutorials

Another great way to get creative inspiration is through Phlearn Tutorials – one of my absolute favorite YouTube channels for photoshop and photography.

Both aimed at providing great instructional videos for beginners and advanced people, Phlearn’s tutorials take you through a variety of ‘how to’, ‘tips and tricks’ type videos. These videos aim to make learning online fun.

Phlearn empowers anyone to learn and master their creative skills and it is a great starting point to continued creative learning.

Wrapping it up

There are so many great tools out there for design. As your digital marketing strategy evolves, the need for engaging creative increases. The tools I touched upon are a great starting point and a great way to increase these skills.

Speaking of improved creative skills, Adacado recently updated their creative ad editor, so that you can build ads easily, effortlessly and to your own style. 

Improving your creative skills will help you create more engaging and meaningful creative that will help you stand out.