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Privacy Policy – Post Google Chrome’s 3rd Party Cookie Elimination

Privacy Policy


Effective in 2024 upon Google Chrome’s complete elimination of using third-party cookies.

Protecting Your Privacy Is Important To Us

Adacado Technologies, Inc. (“Adacado”) provides advertising technology solutions (”Technology”), enabling media companies, advertising agencies and advertisers to deliver dynamic and interactive advertising via digital display ad units. This privacy policy (”Policy”) explains how personal information is collected, used, processed, shared and secured through the Technology on behalf of the online advertisers, publishers, business partners, and other businesses that use Adacado services (”Clients”).

In this section learn how you can change how you receive online advertisements by Adacado, followed by information regarding how Adacado uses and protects your data.

Purpose of Adacado Technology

Adacado Technology is used by Adacado, Clients and other third parties to serve advertising on websites of Clients and other third parties. You may encounter Adacado Technology when an Adacado Client purchases or sells online advertisements on a website that you visit; and/or when an Adacado Client places an Adacado web beacon on its website, which you visit.

Adacado uses the information collected by Adacado Technology to help make the online advertisements you see to be more of interest to you. This is done for ad delivery and reporting purposes, and for other purposes described in this Policy.

Adacado makes advertisements more relevant through customization that reflects your recent browsing behavior. You can choose not to have Adacado use information based on your browsing behavior when delivering advertisements to you.

About Tracking and Retargeting

Adacado Technology may automatically collect certain information through a method of user tracking called browser fingerprinting. This information is used to measure the success of online advertising campaigns, and the campaigns of Adacado Clients. Specifically, Cookies correlate whether you saw an ad impression or chose to view an ad from that impression, with whether you later went to another page on the Adacado Site or on a Client’s website.

Browser fingerprinting is widely used across the internet to record user preferences and other information to make the services you receive operate with increased capability and convenience. Browser fingerprinting is used to both contain information about your browsing behavior (if you choose), and may be used to contain whether you do not wish to have advertisements delivered based on your interests.

However, while browser fingerprinting is very useful, it is rudimentary. It’s important to note that each browser you use maintains its own user agent identifier and each browser acts independently from all other browsers that you use. Adacado does not link information between your browsers. Keep in mind that options you choose regarding advertisements from Adacado need to be set for each browser that you use.

Note that if you are using an ad blocker product, you may need to temporarily enable your ad blocker to manage your preferences here.

Ways To Change How You Receive Advertisements From Adacado

We respect your rights and encourage you to exercise your rights as a consumer of online advertising. Here are some ways you can exercise your rights:

(a) Opt out of all Interest-based Advertising from Adacado

If you do not want advertising served to you to use the Adacado Technology browser fingerprinting method, click the button below. This operation will erase any existing data that Adacado Technology may have already gathered, and will save a setting in Adacado associated with your browser saying not to deliver interest-based advertisements.

Note that advertisements may still be delivered to your Web browser on behalf of companies using Adacado Technology but those advertisements may not be as relevant to you because the advertisement request will only use information that is automatically transmitted through an Internet communication and not information collected using an Adacado’s browser fingerprinting method.

(b) Explicit consent

In some jurisdictions where you receive online advertising, your explicit consent is required before personal information about you can be saved or used. Adacado Technology assures your consent wishes are respected. In those jurisdictions (e.g. European Union), Adacado Technology expects to receive confirmation of your explicit consent from the advertiser or from the site on which the advertisement is to be delivered (the publisher). If your explicit consent is not received, Adacado Technology will not deliver an interest-based advertisement. Requesting your consent is the responsibility of the advertiser or the publisher – please set and manage your wishes directly with them. Regardless, from consent-requiring jurisdictions, Adacado Technology will never deliver an interest-based advertisement without your explicit consent.

(c) Other requests regarding your information

Send an email detailing your request to

How Adacado Technology Processes Information Related To Ads You See

Using browser fingerprinting, Adacado Technologies saves hashed information about your browser and device in our cache. Note that uniquely-identifying information about you such as your name, address or email address is never used or saved.

Adacado uses this visitor identifier to associate your browsing history and information about Adacado advertisements you have seen. Browsing history is information about how you may interact with an advertiser’s website. For example, if you were interested in and viewed one or more products over time, or visited a category page describing a grouping of an advertiser’s products, Adacado would record that information. Adacado also records advertisement delivery history which is what advertisements were delivered to you, and whether and on what elements of the advertisements you clicked (e.g., clicking the advertisement’s image or button).

When Adacado Technologies receives a request to deliver an advertisement, it may use the above information to deliver an interest-based advertisement. However, if consent is not provided (for consent-requiring jurisdictions), or you have opted out of Adacado advertising, you will not be delivered an interest-based ad. In such cases you will receive a generic ad that is not based on any information related to you.

Adacado’s only connection to you is through your visitor identifier. It describes no information about you and is used solely as a link to browsing history and advertisement delivery history. By exercising your rights to your information as described in an earlier section of this document, your visitor identifier is deleted, thereby severing the link to our data and making it anonymous.

Data Adacado Collects And Uses

Adacado collects data related to your browsing activity and advertisements delivered to you through visitor id-based transactions that record:

  • Events related to your activity on our advertising partner’s website such as the products you viewed or areas such as category pages.
  • Events regarding your ad serving activity such as the advertisements that were displayed to you and how you interacted with them (e.g. clicks)
  • Information related to your device such as device type, operating system, version but no personally identified information.
  • Non-precise geo-location information that may identify you as being in a country, region or city, for example to serve only advertisements for products that are only locally available to you.

For consent-requiring jurisdictions, Adacado is GDPR and CPRA compliant and does not use or save IP addresses unless your explicit consent is provided.

The data associated with your id is stored for 13 months after which it is removed automatically.

Information Adacado Technology Does Not Collect In Its Advertisements Or Web Beacons

  • Sensitive information such as political views, health, religion.
  • Hardware-based identifiers such as MAC address.
  • Anything that identifies who you are, such as your email address, your address, your name.

Data Security And Retention

Adacado processes and stores all data on Google Cloud Services based in the United States. We retain data that we collect for up to 13 months from the date of collection.

Disclosure Of Information To Third Parties

Adacado may share your data with vendors, consultants and other service providers (“Service Providers”) who are engaged by or working with Adacado in connection with the operation of the Sites or its services who need access to such information to carry out their work. In some cases, the Service Provider may be directly collecting the information from you on Adacado’s behalf. Adacado may also share personal information with other third parties when you give your consent to do so. Adacado is not responsible for the actions of Service Providers or other third parties, nor is Adacado responsible for any additional information you provide directly to these Service Providers or other third parties, and you are encouraged to become familiar with their practices before disclosing information directly to them.

Adacado may share aggregated data for purposes such as campaign improvement, reporting, and service improvement. Nothing herein restricts the sharing of aggregate information, which may be shared with third parties without your consent. Adacado may share and enhance non-personal information collected from you with third parties.

Adacado may disclose your personal information to third parties in the good faith belief that Adacado feels authorized or obligated to do so by law, or that doing so is reasonably necessary or appropriate to comply with the law or with legal process or authorities, to respond to any claims, to protect the rights, property or safety of Adacado, its users, its employees or the public, or to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual prohibited activities, including but not limited to, fraud and situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person.

Adacado may disclose and transfer non-personal information, as part of, or during negotiations of, any merger, consolidation, sale of assets, bankruptcy, financing or acquisition or in any other situation where personal information may be transferred as one of the business assets of Adacado.

Privacy Notice For Children

Adacado is especially concerned about protecting children’s privacy. Adacado hopes that parents and teachers are involved in children’s Internet explorations. The information Adacado gathers and the products and services provided on the Adacado Site are aimed at people who are 18 years or older. When identified, all information given by a person under the age of 18 will be destroyed.

Changes In Privacy Policy

This Policy may be changed by Adacado from time to time in Adacado’s sole discretion and without any prior notice or liability to you or any other person. New versions of this Privacy Policy will be posted here and you should check it periodically for updates.

Questions Or Comments

If you have any comments or questions about this Policy or Adacado’s practices, the use or disclosure of personal information, or your personal information, please contact Adacado at:

Adacado Technologies, Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada