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Our Story

Our Story

Behind everything we do at Adacado is a diverse team of creative thinkers and doers impassioned to change the way creative is used in advertising. This is our story.

Our Story

Behind everything we do at Adacado is a diverse team of creative thinkers and doers impassioned to change the way creative is used in advertising. This is our story.

Adacado is changing the way creative is used in advertising

When an industry is given the tools to do better work, everyone benefits. Adacado eliminates the time, complexity, and effort associated with dynamic creative advertising, so CEOs, advertisers, agencies, and the business do it-all’ers everywhere can focus more time and resources into growing their businesses and delivering greater value to their clients. We’re not just making better advertising, we’re making advertising better.

How we got here...

We’ve come a long way in our 14 years. And like the advertising industry, we’ve evolved and expanded immeasurably in that time. While others follow fads and trends, we continue to lead by listening, looking, and acting.

We listen intently to our customers and partners to discover how we can provide them the utmost value. We learn from those conversations, as well as from our own wins and failures (because yes, we’ve had both). Then we stop to ask ourselves “What if…?” we look to the future and dream of what our impact could be in the market and on the lives of our customers. And then we act. We don’t just envision opportunities and possibilities, we act to make them happen. It’s this balance of present connection, forward thinking, and action that has brought us to where we are now, and is taking us to where we’re going.



Our story begins as One Person Health (OPH) with the launch of “HealthPricer.com”, the first comparison shopping engine for consumers to find, compare prices, and purchase medical/healthcare products.


OPH launches HealthPricer MarketPlace to incorporate e-commerce with top tier digital health content publishers, including Healthline.com, EverdayHealth.com and Healthcentral.com. Over the next 2.5 years Healthpricer.com wins 15+ global website achievement awards.


We start offering and filling pre-programmatic remnant impressions with contextually relevant ads from Healthpricer’s product database (i.e. diabetes products within diabetes content). The eureka moment – relevant ads do matter!!!


If matching products with content works, why not build a Dynamic Creative Platform? We do exactly that, and introduce our Dynamic Creative POC at AdTech New York in December 2009. People love it… Adacado is born.


Programmatic Media Buying is coming alive as Adacado shifts focus to deliver Dynamic Creative solutions to all advertisers and ad agencies.


We create the very first dynamic creative app for AppNexus’ launch of their App Marketplace. The floodgates open as advertisers discover the power of dynamic creative. Adacado is discovered!


With Programmatic Media buying hitting its inflection point, Adacado’s business blossoms and we become cash flow positive. Amongst many others, Dell and the NBA begin long term relationships using Adacado as their global dynamic creative solution.


Dynamic Creative is becoming table stakes with Programmatic Advertising. We review our business; it’s time to prepare for mass adoption of Dynamic Creative by shifting Adacado from a managed services business to a self-serve SaaS model. We run some successful POC testing with standardized retail and auto solutions, at lower all-inclusive prices.


All-systems-go to build a self-serve platform that puts the control in the hands of the user, and eliminates the time and complexity of elaborate managed services. We adopt new development practices, a more refined architecture, and One Person Health becomes Adacado Technologies Inc. This is truly an exciting time to be at Adacado.


Adacado powers through its beta version, expanding verticals, building its own web-scraper, building data feed capabilities, and much more. Its back end is ready to process customers live and it officially launches the commercial version of Self-serve Adacado in March. Adacado stops selling its legacy platform and begins customer migration in October.


By the end of March 2020, Adacado migrates all of its customers over to the new self-serve platform, and pulls the plug on the managed service business it’s been running for the last 8 years. Adacado completes the build of its integrated media buying solution, so that a novice can for the 1st time ever, build and run a campaign in under 10 minutes. Adacado continues to morph into a fully product-led-growth organization. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Adacado releases a new free offer to help businesses advertise as they transition to work-from-home and running ads-from-home. User sign-ups in 2020 are increasing at a monthly average growth rate of 16.4%.

To Be Continued…