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COVID-19 $300 Offer

About the offer

The COVID-19 help-you-to-advertise offer includes $300 of display advertising, completely free. To activate go to go.adacado.com/account-signup/v2/page, sign up, build your 1st campaign(s), set your media strategy and set them live. Your ads are running, your free offer has started and your business just got a boost.

A few things to note…

  • Offer valid for $300 of display advertising
  • Balance must be used within 21 days of initial signup
  • All fees charged in USD
  • Payment by credit card


You get a $300 credit in Adacado that allows you to build and run campaigns (creative, product updates, media, changes, anything you can do in Adacado).

All 1st time users to Adacado can claim this offer when they sign up.

Click here to sign up, input your credit card, then build and run a campaign.

Yes it must be activated by August 31st, 2020 and once activated the free usage expires 21 days from the activation date.

This is how Adacado recognizes you as a real person (not a bot) and validates you as a unique user.

Yes you can build and run as many campaigns as you like, across as many advertisers as you like. This COVID-19 offer will apply to your 1st $300 of usage.

You will receive email notifications informing you of the unused balance on your free offer.

Yes it is. It all depends on your overall usage (number of advertisers, number of products, number of impressions run). But don’t worry, your usage emails will keep you apprised on what you have left in your free offer.

Your campaign(s) will continue to run and you will be billed at our standard rates.

Go into your account and turn off your campaigns/disable your advertiser(s).

This offer is currently only available in North America (watch for similar offers in your area).

Morgyn (our chatbot) is on every page, with real people on the other side. She will help you with what you need.

As our goal is to help advertisers get campaigns live quickly and support their businesses during these more difficult times, we are restricting support on COVID-19 free offers to helping users building ads with pre-built ad templates (no support for custom built ad templates, with this offer).