Tips For Effective Online Advertising This Holiday Season

Blog | 02 min read

Written By: Amelia Brown

Tips for effective online advertising this holiday season

The winter holiday season is the busiest time of the year for shopping – whether it be online or in store. Competition may be rising but so are profits generated by the holiday season. This gives retailers a great opportunity to grow by making the right moves to promote their businesses.

Online advertising is especially important around this time because during November and December is where higher click-through-rates are noticed. On top of that, traffic for online and ecommerce stores are at its highest and this is most likely influenced by advertising.

That being said, it is important as a retailer to take initiative on effective advertising campaigns in order to gain awareness and increase traffic. Although the bigger portion of spending is done in store, online spending is increasing at a rapid rate. At the very least, through online advertising, consumers will gain awareness of your brand and it will entice them to complete a purchase; whether it be online or in store.

To maximize your click-through-rates, here are some useful tips to act on during the holiday season:

1. Refresh your ads

On a platform like Adacado, refreshing ads is easy and necessary when launching an ad campaign. Click here to see our abundant variety of ad themes. During the holiday season, you want to make sure your Christmas Ads are different from your Black Friday ads and that is where ad refresh comes into play. Especially with retargeting, you want to make sure your target audience isn’t constantly seeing the same ad. As well, changing up promotions to create a sense of urgency is key.

2. Increase your budget

Increased web traffic during the holiday season means an opportunity to gain new customers. With this, increasing your budget will heighten your chance of creating awareness within your brand.

3. Segment your audience

Know your audience, and who falls into similar categories. Segmenting these people into groups based on products viewed or added to cart will give you an idea of the types of products/services people want to see.

4. Retarget your shoppers from the previous holiday season

If you are going to be increasing your budget on advertising this holiday season, it makes sense to invest higher on those who have already shown interest in your product or service. As well, it is good to spend money targeting those who are already customers. Showing appreciation to these customers will keep them loyal.