The Importance Of Digital In The Auto Industry

The importance of digital in the auto industry

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Written By: Amelia Brown

Your digital presence as an Auto Dealer is critical to your success, here’s why:

Tech, media and innovation has changed the car buying experience over the years. It has been said that 59% of car purchasers today now spend their time researching online before buying at a dealership. On top of that, vehicle sales have been slowing down over the years as people are buying cars less often. 

With that, it is increasingly important for auto dealers to have strong, meaningful online presence connecting auto buyers with dealer products and services.

The key for dealerships being online today is bringing awareness and new leads to their physical locations. Gaining trust is one of the biggest challenges automotive marketers face, however, showing credibility online helps to solve this issue.

Why is being online for a dealership so important?

Generally shoppers do research online. More times than not, a shopper’s decision depends on what information they have found online. That being said, the car shoppers who show up at the dealership know at the very least, the make of the vehicle they intend on purchasing. However, before this step takes place, automotive dealers need to consider these shoppers at the curiosity stage, before they have made their decision. This way a good, relevant experience online will go a long way to influence the shopper to buy from you, rather than a competitor.

This can all be done through digital – not only will reaching your target audience online create a purchasing decision, it will also create awareness for your dealership so that when they are ready to buy they will do so.

Now it’s time to look at why digital is so important in the automotive industry.

Digital Advertising

Why is digital advertising so important in the auto industry?

Automotive companies are using digital as their number one channel in marketing campaigns. That means, in order to keep up with competitors, you better be using it too.

Whether you work for an agency that has auto clients or work for an auto dealership, leveraging digital advertising companies is the best way to leverage digital advertising for your auto clients or dealerships.

The big win with utilizing digital advertising for dealerships is how easy and cost effective it is to reach your target audience. Targeting shoppers with ads based on interests, behaviors and so on can really focus on your primary customer.

Furthermore,  VIN based digital advertising will really narrow down your target customer. Promote cars in inventory to like minded prospects, and re-target website visitors with same or similar cars; of which are on your lot.

Fine tuning Digital Advertising for Auto Dealers/Agencies

Adjusting Campaign Budgets

Significant performance benefits can be realized when adjusting campaign budgets accordingly. Spending more and ensuring your campaigns are optimized on days like “Black Friday” or any unofficial “car-buying” holiday, will attract more eager buyers. Shoppers are aware of automotive deal times, so chances of conversion to sales are high at these times.

Setup your campaigns to spend more on your busy car buying days, and you will increase your chance of success. 

Targeting The Right People

Knowing your typical customers interest, behaviors and motives is super important when targeting people online. Is he/she into luxury cars, fashion or travelling? These are all important factors when considering your buyers online. With this, messaging should vary – i.e. luxury vs. used cars.

Targeting different users can be done through different logic/use cases i.e. last viewed vehicle, most popular vehicles, used cars etc. These “use cases” will target users with ads based on their behavior they display through online interactions.

Furthermore, it is important to incorporate what matters to your audience in your ads – price, condition, mileage etc.

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