The 5 Most Important Parts Of Your Ad Creative

The 5 Most Important Parts Of Your Ad Creative

What most people don’t realize is that the creative of your ad is the most important part – to compel and bring in the eyes of users. The most compelling ads are ones that grab and maintain your audience’s attention. Learn more about the Importance Of Creative In Advertising

Being creative with your ads isn’t necessarily an easy task, however, if you want to run display ads, we’ll go over the important aspects of your ad creative and if you want to think about some tools for design inspiration along the way, find out the Top 3 Ways To Get Creative Inspiration.

So what are the most important parts of your ad creative?

1. Ad structure

There are several components to your ad creative which are crucial to the success of your ad and the likelihood of a click.

The biggest thing is simplicity. It may sound boring, but the simpler the ad the cleaner and more clear the ad will come across to your users.

Whether you are business selling products or promoting your services, you should think about having the following components in your ads:

  • Your logo or company name
  • An image or images (if you sell products) to visualize your offerings
  • Your main value proposition or what you can provide customers
  • A CTA – a button that will entice the user to click on your ads

2. Use of color

In design, color is an essential part in grabbing the attention of the user.

When thinking about colors to use, you want to think about your brand as people associate color with your brand’s overall image.

Another important thing to note is selecting only a few colors. When you use too many colors in your ads, it often distracts users and defeats the purpose of the most important part of your ad – your offering.

While thinking about your brand, you also want to think about your target audience. What types of colors will appeal to the users seeing my ad?

Minimal colors, with your brand and target audience in mind will be sure to create a meaningful ad.

Similarly to use of color in your ads, typography is another design element that draws your eye to the most important information.

Using different sizes, bolding different words and so on are methods that will attract the attention of users. As well, making sure you are using fonts that align with your brand are important for consistency in brand messaging. 

When it comes down to it, a mix of color and typography is really what will make your ad stand out.

4. Clear CTA

Another very important component to your ad creative is your call to action (CTA).

The power of a strong, clear CTA can never be overstated and it is what entices users to click on your ad.

Using words like “Buy Now”, “Learn More” or “Try For Free” are strong initiatives for users to take action.

5. Value Proposition

The last but one of the most important components to your ad is your value proposition.

Your value proposition is a statement about why people should do business with you and it should be communicated in a strong manner about how value will be delivered, experienced and acquired.

With the potential for people to use ad blockers on the internet, it is especially important to work extra hard to make sure you entice people to click on your ads when they see them. With these 5 tips in mind, and an easy to use ad builder like Adacado, you’re well on your way to standing out online.