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Strengthening & Retaining Customer Engagement During COVID-19

Strengthening & retaining customer engagement during COVID-19

Blog | 04 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

Simply put, customer engagement is the relationship between the customer and company where ongoing interactions occur. These interactions are a result of the customer choosing to engage with the company; and it is important that businesses understand ‘why’. Businesses can continue to increase customer engagement through blogs, social content, and promotions, but if they can’t figure out why customers are engaging they will likely not benefit in the long run.

So, what happens when a global crisis occurs?… When it seems like customer interactions are at an all time low? The quick answer – keep engaging, and trying new strategies. During these times, it is important more than ever to support customers online, and it may be as simple as offering your customers a helping hand (a credit or free incentive to do something new). It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but by providing your customers with some sort of incentive it may keep them active with you, and be a difference maker in the long term. 

Here are a few steps that will help for retaining customer engagement:

1. Utilize the right online channels

The first step to engaging more with customers, is being able to find your customers wherever they may be. Customers are online more than ever, with businesses now working remotely as social distancing measures continue to take place. With this new work norm, prospects and customers are spending more of their time online; shopping or browsing.

Dynamic display advertising is an example of a good channel to initiate the dialog between businesses and customers due to its capabilities. Whether you are a retail business selling jewelry online or a software company trying to gain more exposure, dynamic display advertising can help businesses engage with new and existing customers.

Furthermore, if you are looking to engage with existing customers you can do so through retargeting, and with new customers you can utilize prospecting ads. This is something I am very familiar with at Adacado, as we offer both of these capabilities and more, all through one platform.

2. Offer continued support

Given the current difficulties and uncertainties we are currently facing globally, it is important to provide support and help for those that need it. Whether it is an incentive you are offering, or tips related to your industry it can go a long way to building valuable relationships with customers. Even just reaching out to your customers and asking the question “what can we do to help?”, will go a long way and will increase that two-way dialogue.

3. Curate meaningful and timely content

Build content around relevant topics that people are currently talking about, and encourage customers to share their thoughts and ideas. For advertising companies, a good example might be to share information about the dramatic decrease in digital advertising forecasts, resulting in more available high value impressions at lower costs. This may help a retailer in deciding their advertising strategy/ budget. This can be done through blog posts, social media, and website content. 

4. The old fashioned telephone

With everyone social distancing, primarily at home, they have fewer distractions, more availability and an inclination, more than we have seen in recent years to engage in a good old fashioned phone call. Don’t hesitate to call your customer. 

So to wrap this up, be sure that you are constantly reaching out and pushing out new content to keep the communication flowing, and your customer engagement high!