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5 Ways to Reach your Target Audience

Blog | 03 min read

Written By: Amelia Brown

5 ways to reach your target audience

Think fast: who is your target audience?

This may seem like a simple question, but the reality is a lot of companies struggle to define who their main customer is. Getting to know your target audience doesn’t have to be hard – but doing so is a must.

The biggest mistake brands make when trying to attract new leads and followers is trying to attract a wide spectrum. When you try to appeal to everyone, it becomes impersonal and you lose more interest as opposed to gaining more. Your marketing messages and content become too generic and your brand becomes just another face in the crowd. To stand out, narrow your focus.

Regardless of what your brand is saying or selling, your target audience is out there. And it’s your responsibility to find them. So here are a few tips on how to define your audience and find what sparks them to connect with you.

Define your Ideal Customer

A more specific question: what does your ideal customer look like?

Knowing the age range, interests, and geographic region are all very important factors when it comes to discovering your ideal customer.

Maybe your ideal customer is a 35 year old middle class female, working in advertising and from California. Once you have a better understanding of who your target customer is, you can dig deeper into their persona. 

Persona Marketing allows you to become more in tune with your customers interests and puts you in a better direction to solve their problems with your products or services.

Build Trust and Credibility

Before customers can do business with you, they need to trust you. They need to trust that your messages are accurate and they need to know that you are a credible business. Whether it is showcasing your past work or showcasing the companies you currently work with, credibility is a big factor.

Being socially active is another major contributor to enhance trust and credibility within your customers. If they see you have a good following on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. and that you are posting regularly about the company, you will be regarded with credibility.

Trust and help are two words that go hand in hand. When you know you can be helped, you know you are able to trust right away. The same can be said about customer service in a company. The more help you offer to give, the more loyal your customers will likely be.

Create Engaging and Meaningful Messages

One thing we do well at Adacado is keep our messaging simple but strong. When crafting your message, you always want to think in terms of the customer. What are their needs? What kind of language do they use? How can I help them? 

Lastly, you want your message to display exactly what you want to provide as a solution to your customers’ problems.

Talk in the Language of the Customer

To create engaging and meaningful messages that resonate with customers, you want to talk in the language of the customer. Using overly-technical industry-specific terms can confuse the customer. Therefore, simplifying the more technical terms will be more intuitive and attractive and they are more likely to consider doing business with your company.

Play the Role of the Problem Solver

You have finally discovered your target audience. Now you ask yourself: how can I help them?

Your brand/company should be able to answer this question by filling some sort of void in the hands of the customer. If you can answer this question clearly, you’re on your way to not only gaining business but helping out your target customer.

As a result, you have gained a loyal customer.