New Age, New Digital Model

New age, new digital model

Blog | 02 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

With a new age comes a new model, and that model focuses on digital. More and more advertising around the world is becoming purely digital, including channels such as display and social. Not only is digital becoming the number one priority for businesses, but it is constantly evolving and businesses need to be able to adapt to changing online consumption patterns.

In the traditional model of advertising, businesses would infer on their audiences’ preferences, tastes, and consumption patterns, based on interactions with people but now with digital we have access to first-party data. This data gives us information on a variety of factors such as demographics, location, interests, job title, web browsing behavior and more. This allows businesses and advertisers to build valuable relationships with their audience by providing them with personalized content. 

At Adacado, we do just that! We provide a platform for businesses and advertisers to build personalized campaigns to target very specific audiences using first-party data. To get a better understanding, the image below is an example of a campaign set-up for retail businesses in Adacado’s platform. An advertiser can choose how their ads are shown based on the marketing logic chosen below. For example, if an advertiser wanted to target a user that last viewed a specific product, they could show these product ads accordingly. Further, they could also target users to show ‘most viewed products’, ‘popular products’ or products based on the closest store location.

Advertising on digital channels is also much cheaper and faster making it the optimal form of advertising. It is cheaper in the sense that your ROAS (return on ad spend) is much higher as consumers are engaging more. Further, digital advertising allows for more niche targeting which allows for more relevant content delivery.

Looking into the future of digital advertising, content and programmatic will become the top priorities for businesses. Knowing what consumers want to see (content) and when they want to see it (programmatic) will become crucial in every businesses’ marketing strategy. At the end of the day, it is all about the customer journey, and how we can help the customer along the way. 

Having said that, businesses will also need to experiment with new ideas and continue to evolve the digital model. The marketing industry is a time of disruption with technology constantly changing and evolving. 

So, what will be the new way to market more effectively online?