Local Businesses Should Focus On Local Digital Advertising

Blog | 03 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

Local businesses should focus on local digital advertising

In today’s world of social connectivity, we are constantly connected online through our mobile devices. We are constantly scrolling through our favorite social media apps and browsing the internet for content. People like convenience. So, instead of wandering aimlessly for a “shoe store” we will turn to our phones to find the nearest stores selling shoes. We now want a quick solution or answer to our “searches” or “questions”. This is why local digital advertising is so important for local businesses to attract attention over their bigger brand competitors.

Using the “shoe stores” example from earlier, if someone searches ‘shoe stores’ on their mobile device they are likely to be shown shoe stores that are located closest to them. Therefore, it is probable that some smaller shoe stores will be seen over their bigger shoe store competitors. This is how smaller local businesses can be noticed quickly. It is no longer imperative for businesses to locate in high traffic areas. Instead, investing in digital advertising is the right thing to do for greater visibility.

As the internet has become one of the primary sources for finding information, this gives advertisers the opportunity to tell a story about their brand and inform new customers. According to retail dive in 2018, 87% of consumers began product searches on digital channels, which is up from 71% in the previous year. This statistic shows how prevalent the online world is for eCommerce and product knowledge.

Businesses with a reputable online presence show more credibility. With the rise of social media, and more people on these platforms this means businesses need to be active and produce better content on these channels. Having an attractive website with good user experience is also important for first impressions and usability. If we combine a strong social presence with quality website content, we can then advertise on digital channels much more effectively.

A few tips for success in local digital advertising

1. Implement local search ads with ad extensions

The Google Ads platform is constantly being updated and improved with new features and capabilities for both search and display ad formats. A popular extension that advertisers use to promote their business location is called ‘display location extensions’. Location extensions enable advertisers to show location details under their search ads such as their business address. This is a good way to drive more traffic in store, as potential customers can easily click right through to the address.

2. Use Geo-targeting

It is important to incorporate Geo-targeting in your local digital advertising strategy as this determines where and how frequently your local ads are being displayed. You can implement this by setting the targeting parameters of your ads to your business location, and by optimizing your website with location-specific keywords.

3. Set up a Google My Business or Yelp account

Consumers find brands more reliable and credible when other consumers write positive reviews about a business’s product or service. According to qualtrics, 93% of consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by online reviews. Therefore, consumers are likely wanting to learn more about your business if you have quality reviews, and you can attract more consumers this way.

4. Invest in local SEO practices

To be relevant in local Google search, you need to be able to rank at the top of the page. Therefore, implementing local SEO practices is required for your ads to be shown at the top of the page. This can be done by creating content specifically for your business location, and ranking for keywords that include your business location.