How To Increase Sales Over The Holidays

Blog | 02 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

How to increase sales over the holidays

Adopting a full-funnel advertising strategy allows you to target customers in all stages of the customer journey. From awareness to consideration to conversion you can target new customers and pull them closer to the conversion stage. To implement this strategy in your advertising campaigns, you first need to understand what customers want to buy, when they are ready to buy, and how they want to buy your product or service. 

Over the holidays, shoppers like to compare products based on pricing and features offered. So, finding customers in the first stage of the customer journey is important to increase sales over the holidays.

1. Bring awareness to your product or service

The first step to acquiring new customers is to create an awareness around your brand by targeting users that have purchased similar products, or have an interest related to your offering. This is called targeting based on shopping behavior, and this strategy is often more effective than geo-targeting.

2. Get your customers to consider further

Now that you have built awareness around your brand, customers will start the consideration stage of the customer journey and this is where your competitors get involved. Customers shopping online will search for similar product/service offerings related to your business. During this stage, it is required to know the purchase intent of your potential customers so that your messaging is consistent with their purchase behavior. Lastly, know your competitors and offer your potential customers something different from your competitors.

3. Pull your customers in

The last step in the customer journey is conversion, and this is where you have the most potential to acquire new customers. Since customers now know about your product, and have considered the alternatives you can now target your customers with specific and relevant information. An effective way to do this is through dynamic creative advertising, through a platform like Adacado. Dynamic creative advertising is all about personalizing the ad experience for users so that they see ads relevant to their interests and internet browsing behavior. You can target based on logic such as ‘last viewed products’, ‘popular products’, ‘last viewed + location’, ‘most viewed products’, etc.


Full-funnel advertising is beneficial for advertisers as it allows them to target people at any stage in the customer journey. Having said that, you need to build awareness before you convert your customers so it’s important to target customers even before the consideration stage. Once you have built awareness around your product or service, and your customers consider their options you can focus on pulling your customers in.