Digital Advertising Is A Huge Asset To Brands: Here’s Why…

Blog | 04 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

Digital advertising is a huge asset to brands: here's why…

1. Increases sales and ROI

Incorporating both digital and traditional media allows you to connect with a larger audience. You are able to target users online as well as users who consume traditional media.

Some say TV advertising is becoming less effective due to subscription services like Netflix. This is where digital media becomes successful.

Digital media is also very effective for advertisers wanting to reach audiences who are ready to convert. For example, a user is searching for a snow jacket due to snow in the forecast. Winter apparel companies could target their ads at this user displaying their snow jackets for sale.

2. Ability to engage with users across the entire customer journey

Digital advertising relies heavily on data and user information. With this information advertisers can reach customers at every point in the customer journey. Going back to our example earlier, Advertiser A can set up targeting parameters to target their ads to this particular user based on products viewed, location etc. If this customer searched “best type of snow jacket”, this means they are in the research stage of the customer journey. Advertiser A might want to show an ad with information on different types of snow jackets offered. This type of targeting gives digital advertising a huge advantage over traditional media.

3. Digital media and traditional media go hand-in-hand

Using a combination of both traditional and digital media is a benefit to both the advertiser and user. The advertiser benefits from more brand exposure, and the user benefits from more valuable content.  Increased exposure online and other media channels means that users are more likely to remember your brand and messaging.

If you decide to buy a spot on TV for X amount of dollars, it would be ideal to pair this advertising with digital media to reach your audience online as well. For example, say you have a billboard and you want to utilize digital advertising as well. You can set geo targeted ads to drivers that pass by this billboard with the same creative and content. Doing this will catch your audience’s attention to a greater extent than if you were to implement one type of media strategy. We say digital and traditional media go hand-in-hand as each channel will reach different audience segments.

4. Drives conversations among people and communities

Social media advertising is a great media channel to promote conversations around your brand. You can encourage users to participate in discussions about brand values and ideas through social media postings and various online discussions. A good way to do this is asking your audience questions. Doing so will invite users to share their thoughts and opinions which is a huge benefit for advertisers.. talk about customer insights! As well, customers can share, like, and comment on these posts which encourages more discussion.

5. Target niche audiences

With immense amount of data that is collected online, advertisers can make use of this information to selectively target their audience. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Dynamic Creative platforms such as Adacado are used specifically to generate personalized ads to very specific users. This is a huge advantage for advertisers as they are able to push their content to users that are interested in your particular brand or product.