COVID-19 Creates a Surge in Online Media Consumption

COVID-19 creates a surge in online media consumption

Blog | 02 min read

Written By: Chelsea Brown

Coronavirus is changing the way we consume media each day

The attention of coronavirus has heavily increased online viewership, and has changed media consumption habits globally. Consequently this has increased online content related to the virus with over 1.3 million articles published. As well, engagement online has increased substantially as people are actively searching for information, and continue to shop while practicing social distancing.

Since March 9, as COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the world, more and more content creators are publishing articles around this issue, with a 121% increase in related content on March 18.

To put this into perspective, COVID-19 related articles currently receive about one-third of all page-views, which accounts for approximately 35% of total engagement time online by all users. The average engagement time for non-coronavirus related articles is 35 seconds, compared to just under 40 seconds for coronavirus-related articles. Data shows that 45% of readers will stop after the first 15 seconds of reading an article, but as readers continue to be consumed with information related to the virus, this is no longer the case.

Why is this important for businesses to realize?

During these uncertain, unprecedented times, businesses still have a chance to be seen and have their voices heard.

This can be done online through digital advertising where media consumption is at its highest. For companies that currently have no store-front, they can utilize this channel to attract more shoppers as shoppers continue to practice social distancing.

For startups and younger companies, this is an opportunity to build brand awareness, and get people curious about your offerings. As many businesses are now working remotely, and staying connected online, this also creates an opportunity for advertisers and businesses to connect with a larger audience at a time when human connection is more valuable than ever.

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